Why you can’t rebuild Wikipedia with crypto

Iron Cross strategy


⭐ Meta will pay $90 million to settle a privacy lawsuit related to its use of cookies in 2010 and 2011. More than a decade to settle a question almost no one cares about. (Todd Spangler / Variety)

Hackers leaked the names of 92,000 “freedom convoy” donors. One thing about right-wing alt platforms: they’re just not very secure. (David Gilbert / Vice)

The European Union’s Digital Services Act could pass by June, according to the lawmaker leading negotiations. Among other thing, the act requires tech giants to do more to remove harmful content. (Foo Yun Chee / Reuters)

Despite constant discussion in the news media, evidence that Americans experience more misinformation now than in the past is limited. The real issue is polarization — and people grabbing whatever fact (or almost-facts) are at hand to argue for their position, this piece argues. (Matt Yglesias / Slow Boring)

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