Top 3 Attributes Of Mortuary Services In Rapid City SD

When operating a funeral home or a mortuary, there are several things in your offering. You will come across various elements without which a mortuary in Rapid City, SD, is incomplete. You must add these components to the mortuary, making it functional by ensuring that it stands up to the best standards individuals are searching for.

Let us take an instant glimpse at three things a mortuary should have.

  1. Mortuary Cots & Stretchers

Apart from transporting your deceased from one location to the other, the mortuary stretchers become handy within a morgue to temporarily store the corpses on these. They are rolled into the walk-in coolers, staged until this autopsy gets performed, or staged there until the funeral home representative arrives to take the body’s possession.

One of the commonest kinds of stretchers found in mortuaries is the one-person mortuary stretcher. These are specifically made wherever a single operator maneuvers and operates the cot with greater help. They should attach them with securement straps and cot pouches, offering the users greater space for holding the corpse while eliminating the risk which falls while moving from one place to the other.

It is a great idea to purchase the robust stretchers used for moving around the corpse, both the obese and light. It is why bariatric patients bear about 1000 lbs, and regular mortuary stretchers and cots are rated at 600 lbs.

  1. Church Trucks

There are greater versatilities for the church trucks with the use of beyond just for moving and displaying the caskets. These typically bear heavier weights while completely extended, sitting low, and are used for transferring the heavier bodies or the other bulkier items in this funeral home. These are stored easily while the telescope is in or out while being folded up, taking about 6 inches of the depth.

Church trucks have swivel wheels attached at the bottom, while a couple is equipped with foot brakes or wheel locks. Therefore, the church trucks move around the mortuaries easily whenever there are corpses or heavier caskets. Furthermore, the church trucks have several height positions, further adding to the versatilities.

  1. Embalming Table

Numerous things must be done whenever the corpse is brought into the mortuary. There are times when the corpses are required to get embalmed. The embalming processes involve the removal of bodily fluids while replacing them with embalming solutions using chemicals. Embalming is required whenever you wish to store the dead bodies for a longer time and refrain from degenerating them.

Therefore, while you choose the embalming process in the mortuary or require a better dressing table, you should involve every option required to complete the tasks. You should always select a mortuary home with an embalming table.

The embalming table is constructed of the high grades strong stainless steel top or even porcelain. There are several embalming tables made of stainless steel that involve using various liquids. The table’s height should be inspected to ensure that it meets your requirement. Embalming tables are used as dressing tables for using dressing the corpses.

There are embalming tables with brakes and swivel wheels. Therefore they easily store the remains on them within the walk-in cooler. There are a few that comes in folding models with the models of multi-heights. There are elaborated tables that come with the embalming tables while making the embalming and positioning processes easier.


There are mortuary services that also deal with Rapid City, SD cremation. Whenever you pick a mortuary, it should include every element required in the mortuary, and you should add them, making it adequately functional while meeting the licensure requirements. You can check the equipment used from the offerings of the provider who is supplying to make this mortuary complete.

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