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Selling a house is hard, even if you’re not under any time pressure to do so. If you’re in a hurry to sell, though, it can be even more difficult. There are plenty of things that can make selling your house fast and fair easier—and some of them are surprising! Here are my tips for selling your home quickly and fairly:

Do your research.

If you’re trying to sell your house fast, it pays to know what the market is doing. You can find out a lot by talking with other home sellers in your area and finding out about their experiences.

In addition, many online sites can give you some insight as well. For example:

  • Zillow publishes information on house sales in all areas of the country; this may not include every home sale in your neighborhood if they don’t have any information yet but it’s still a good place to start looking for information.
  • com also has updated listings of homes both recently sold and currently listed on their website that covers most counties across the US (except Alaska).

Have a Property Manager

  • You don’t have to do everything yourself.
  • Find property management companies who can help you with the sales process, renovations and staging, marketing, and more.


Whether you’re selling your home because of a relocation, a pending divorce, or another reason, it can be difficult to find the motivation to spend money on improving your property. But if you want to get the most value for your home and avoid a lengthy sale process, renovating is one of the best options available to you.

Here are some tips for making renovations that will help sell your house:

  • Make sure that any renovations will increase the value of your house. If not, don’t bother spending money on them! If you’re looking online around town at similar houses in similar neighborhoods with comparable square footage but different levels of renovation and age (and there are many), then it’s safe to assume that they’ll all be selling at relatively equal prices once they hit the market. Consider hiring professional home builders like these duplex home builders in Sydney instead of doing everything yourself.

Stage Your Home

Your home is a reflection of who you are and what you do. If your house is messy and cluttered, it can send the wrong message to potential buyers. If you want to stage your home so that it looks clean, tidy, and spacious, hire home staging companies in Auckland.

Clean up areas like the kitchen, bathrooms, and hallways. Dust furniture and wipe down counters in kitchens or bathrooms so they look new again. Vacuum carpets to get rid of dust bunnies under furniture legs, especially if they’re dark-colored carpets that gather dirt easily. Remove clutter from tables by stacking magazines neatly together or storing them in baskets under couches or beds until after closing day; this will leave more space for potential buyers to walk around without tripping over things like toys lying about on the floor! Similarly, tuck away any toys out of sight when not being used by children (which is most of the time) – this will make rooms appear larger than they are since no cluttery toy boxes are taking up space anywhere else at all!


Declutter. Did you know that clutter is the most important factor in determining the price of a house? Well, it is. Buyers want to see open space and clear floors, so they can imagine their stuff taking up the space. Get rid of anything you don’t need right now—if it’s not an item you love or use regularly, donate it to charity or give it away to friends and family who could use it more than you do. Don’t hold on to things for sentimental reasons; if your mom bought them for you as a kid and they’re still in mint condition after 25 years, chances are there’s someone else out there who would love them just as much as she did! And lastly: don’t hold on for financial reasons (such as needing money from selling) or laziness (like wanting someone else to do all your sorting).

Remodel the kitchen.

If you’re not going to be living in the house after selling it, a kitchen remodel might be something to consider. This can help you get the price up and make your home more attractive—and can save money in the long run.

When planning your kitchen remodel, consider removing the old sink and countertops before replacing them with new ones. You may also want to replace cabinets and light fixtures if they are dated or damaged so that everything looks as fresh and clean as possible when potential buyers come through your home. Finally, make sure that all of your appliances work properly by testing them out before staging an open house or having potential buyers come for an appointment. You don’t want any surprises during inspections!

Fix everything that’s broken.

When you’re selling your house, everything must be in tip-top shape. This means you’ll need to fix any broken plumbing and electrical issues, replace any faulty heating or cooling systems, and make sure all repairs are up to code. But don’t worry—the good news is that these fixes are fairly straightforward for even beginners. Here’s what you should know about repairing the three most common home problems:

  • Plumbing: If your toilet isn’t flushing properly or there’s a leak in the pipes under your sink, call a plumber who can diagnose where the problem lies and fix it quickly.
  • Electrical: Get an electrician out to take care of any outlets that aren’t working properly (or any other electrical issues) before listing your property on sale; they’ll give each outlet a thorough inspection so that no one gets shocked when they open their cabinet doors!
  • Heating/cooling systems: If there are cracks in the walls where air can escape from an old furnace—or if there’s no furnace at all!—you might be surprised how much money you can save on energy bills by installing new ones before putting up listings online…but only if they’re installed properly by someone who knows how to work with these kinds like ours do!

Keep it clean and tidy.

  • Get rid of clutter. Keep only what you need, and keep the rest out of sight.
  • Don’t leave personal items lying around where they might catch a buyer’s eye. Personal effects can easily be moved or hidden during showings so that buyers don’t feel like they’re intruding on someone’s life when touring your home.
  • Put dirty dishes in the sink, not on counters or tables; if your dishwasher is full (and it should be), use plastic storage containers to hold extra plates and glasses until they’re washed later that night or early the next morning.

The same goes for laundry: put dirty clothes in the hamper/laundry basket/clothesline outside so that showings are not affected by piles of dirty clothes lying around!

Price it right from the start.

When you’re ready to list your house, the first thing you need to do is price it right. Pricing a property can be a difficult thing to get right, but it’s an important part of selling any home quickly.

Pricing your house too high will mean that you might have trouble selling it and getting top dollar with realtors trying to convince buyers not to pay more than they have budgeted for. Pricing your home too low may result in quicker sales but could result in less money than what a fair market value would bring in–which means there are other factors involved when thinking about how much money you’ll make on the sale of your home (like the cost of repairs/maintenance and closing costs).

Here are some things you should consider when deciding what price point could work for your house:

  • How competitive is this neighborhood? Are there similar houses nearby that have recently sold? If so, how did those properties perform?
  • What was the last sale price for similar properties within two miles radius of my house? What were their size, layout, and features like compared with mine? These factors will help determine how much competition there will be from potential buyers who want access to this area as well as how much room they’ll leave me when negotiating prices down (if at all).

Selling your house is a lot easier if you prepare well and price it right.

If you want to sell your house fast, make sure you price it right from the start. You should hire a professional to help determine an appropriate selling price for your home and then stick with it—this is important because if the home’s asking price is too high and doesn’t attract buyers, the property will sit unsold on the market for longer than necessary.


With these strategies in place, you’ll be able to sell your house fast and for a fair price—and that’s what the real estate market needs right now. If you want more help with the sale of your home, make sure to contact us at ABC Real Estate Group today! We can help you get started with getting it ready for market and finding buyers who are looking for exactly what you have.

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