Ten Trends Every Entrepreneur Should Follow in 2022

With the changing times and campaigns, business scenarios and market conditions an entrepreneur has to be agile and innovative in order to survive in the cut-throat competition.

In this article I have captured some of these trends which can make or break your company in 2022.

1. Artificial Intelligence:

The recent boom of deep learning especially with regard to natural language processing, artificial intelligence has been a hot topic for discussion among professionals all over the world.  It’s going to get even hotter in the coming years as more companies start leveraging its potential into their services/products while others steer away from it because they consider it a threat to their existing monopoly. Competition will increase among companies how well they use AI software since a little help from a bot won’t be enough.

2. Virtual Reality:

Virtual reality is arguably the most lucrative field in tech right now, with companies like Oculus Rift paving the path for its potential use cases across multiple industries. While Oculus might have shown some of that potential, other smaller players are also developing similar technologies at an accelerated pace. This will result in cheaper and more immersive VR experiences which can then be leveraged by businesses to provide even deeper customer engagement than what they do currently through their website/app!  This could lead to companies establishing virtual bases (stores) in parts of the world where physical presence isn’t feasible or provide product demos for undecided customers looking to make a purchase.

3. Internet of Things:

Internet of things (IoT) is another hot buzzword these days. Businesses will try their best to take advantage of this trend in order to save money and improve efficiency across all levels.  For example, a smart fridge can be paired with your super market app/site which you can then use to place orders when supplies run low (i.e. milk).

4. 3D Printing:

The impact of 3D printing can already be seen today in multiple industries like healthcare and automobile industry but the full potential of it would only hit us in 5-10 years from now when we see homes that are fully automated and produced by 3d printers or doctors using organs printed out from human cells. AMAZON has already filed a patent for delivering goods via flying drones. So the question is how would people buy things? I guess delivery drones might be a thing by 2022.

5. Augmented Reality:

Augmented reality helps you look at the world differently, where normally boring things become interesting. If augmented reality can be used in education it can have impact on kids’ mind too.  Virtual school teachers are also not that far away from being developed if one considers AR’s interaction with Google glass. Imagine sitting with your kid and helping them solve their math problems just by looking into the glasses before they even ask for help!

6. Robotics:

The market for robotics has been booming recently, especially personal robots with their potential use cases across multiple fields.  We already have seen companies like Boston Dynamics showing off their robots in YouTube videos. I feel that by 2022 we will see many more robot companies like Boston Dynamics entering the market (with cheaper versions of their products) which might help automate things around our homes at some point.

7. Cryptocurrency:

While it’s not really a trend that you can expect to see in the near future, cryptocurrencies are here to stay and they’re going to be one of the most disruptive technologies (for good or bad). One of the major reasons why cryptocurrencies will become mainstream is due to companies like AMAZON partnering up with Ripple, which brings us back to my earlier statement regarding virtual stores…

8. Freelancing Economy:

The so-called gig economy” has been around for a while, but it has never been more important than today. Just think about your local Uber driver who only drives on his free time – that’s already freelancing! With platforms like Upwork or PeoplePerHour, people are constantly looking to offer their services online at flexible rates to anyone interested in taking them up. Not unlike Lyft and Uber, this trend will become mainstream by 2022 which can have major implications for the job market.

9. Biology:

Biology is already being touched upon by 3D printing technology but biology can do so much more than just print organs for transplantation purposes. For example, researchers could use biological machines to enhance the performance of plants in order to provide better solutions for climate change issues through artificial photosynthesis.

10. Space:

Space industry is one of the oldest industries where we still haven’t seen much progress. It’s pretty exciting to think how countries like USA and China are already working on reusable rockets that can land back safely on Earth after carrying out different kinds of satellite missions which bring down the cost to just $40 million per launch . I believe that by 2022, majority of human beings will know that we have people up in space and they’re busy doing their usual stuff.


To sum up, the above mentioned trends have potential to be some of the biggest ones by 2022, but I believe that they will not just change our lives for good but also might help humanity become a better being.

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