Ten Things to do Before Making a Big Move

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Are you ready to take on new challenges in life? Maybe you got a better job opportunity or need a change of scenery. Whatever the reason, moving out to a new place can be both exciting and overwhelming. You have butterflies thinking about how the new city will be different from your current one. At the same time, you’re fretting about everything you need to do before moving out.

Where will my pet stay?

Should I keep or sell my car?

Breathe! It’s all going to fall into place. Just focus on the things you must know before making a big move.

To help you transition to the new home without hiccups, we’ve compiled an extensive list of everything you need to do before moving.

  1. Get Organized from Day 1

The clock is ticking as soon as you lock in your moving date. It’s essential to get organized from day one and list everything you need to do. This list will include hiring movers, packing your things, removing items you no longer need, and more. Write down each task and assign them a timeline so you remember everything. Binders and labels come in handy as well. If you’re more of a tech nerd, use a smartphone app to organize your move.

  1. Deal with Your Car

If you’re moving to a different city, you must decide what to do with your car. Are you taking it with you or selling it? If you’re taking it, consider the cost of gas and tolls. You may also have to pay for a car inspection and transfer the title to your new state. If you’re selling, clean it up and make sure everything is in working order. You can also use vehicle storage facilities to store your car until you move in. This way, you don’t have to keep moving it back and forth.

  1. Make a Moving Budget

When it comes to moving, there will be a lot of expenses. Hotel stays, fuel costs, movers’ fees – the list continues. To ensure you don’t exceed your budget, create a moving plan with expected expenses and stick to it. Make sure to include all the necessary costs, even the little ones, such as packing supplies and food. It’ll help you save where you can and avoid overspending.

  1. Create an Inventory of Your Items

Making an inventory of all your items will help you save time and money. You can do this yourself and hire an inventory specialist to help you. Your list should include detailed information about your items. It’s always best to label boxes by room so that it’s easier to unpack when you reach your new place.

  1. Get Notarized Documents

If you have documents that need to be notarized, make sure to take care of this before moving. It will help speed up the process of finalizing your move and save you time in the long run.

Usually, the documents must be physically signed by both parties before a notary. It’s best to talk to a real estate attorney and get all your documents in order before the big day.

You don’t want any trouble dealing with these documents after moving, so it’s best to take care of them beforehand.

  1. Purge Before You Pack

Do you often hoard piles of things that are not important? Moving out is the perfect time to pare down your things and create less clutter. So make a list of items you need to remove before moving out and put them in a separate pile. You can donate, recycle or trash these items – the choice is yours. Trust us; you don’t need all the extra stuff.

When you pack your things, you’ll know exactly what to keep and discard. You’ll have more room for the items that matter, plus it will save you money on moving costs.

  1. Research Moving Companies

Unless you’re going to do it all on your own, it’s essential to research and compare local moving companies. These are professionals who will help you move your things safely and quickly. Read reviews, compare rates, and ask for quotes before hiring a moving company. Find out how long they’ve been in business and the type of services they offer. We also recommend getting everything in written form, including the estimate, to avoid any confusion in the future.

  1. Call the Utility Companies

Call the utility companies in your current and future home a couple of weeks before moving out. It includes electric companies, water and sewer service providers, internet providers, and post offices. You will need to update them on the date and time you plan to switch your services so they can make all the necessary arrangements. If you forget this, there’s a chance you may not have access to utilities such as electricity and internet when you move in.

  1. Prepare Your Pet

If you’re moving with your pet, you must prepare your furry friend for the move. Make sure they’re up-to-date on their vaccines and flea treatment. If you’re flying with your pet, check with the airline for guidelines and restrictions that may apply. It’s also important to create a pet emergency kit. It should include food, water, bedding, medications, and toys.

We recommend rechecking with your new landlord (if you’re renting) to see if they have any pet-related restrictions before you move in.

  1. Get Your New House Thoroughly Cleaned

Before you move in, make sure to have the new house cleaned thoroughly. You don’t want to start your life in a dirty, germ-filled new home. It’s worth the time and money to hire a professional cleaner who can come in and properly clean your place. Also, inspect the place for hazardous materials, molds, and pests. It’s better to do this preventive measure before it causes health issues for you or your family. Some areas may also require you to get a safety inspection.


The thought of moving to a new place can be unsettling. You aren’t sure what to expect and how things will play out. But what will keep your boat steady is the preparation. Take your time and take care of all the crucial details before the big move. It will help you avoid any last-minute confusion or stress. We hope these tips help you in your journey to move into a new place with ease and peace of mind.

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