Skin and beauty trends we are seeing in 2022


Much like fashion, skincare also has prominent trends. Some are completely new discoveries; others are a blast from the past. Many of the skincare and beauty trends are also aligned with the year’s more common makeup practices as well.

These beauty trends can help you stay updated with the new hacks and tricks to keep your skin healthy. Moreover, these trends also help to ensure that your skin appearance is also fashionable.

However, if the regimen dictated by the Best Dermatologist in Karachi is working well for you, and is ensuring a healthy skin, you might benefit instead from changing your makeup technique and letting your skin care be.

Skin and beauty trends for 2022

At-home skin treatments are becoming a favorite

Since COVID-19 got us stuck in our homes, it made us realize the importance of having at-home skin treatments so that we remain self-sufficient all the time.

There are many products and devices that are now being introduced that allow people to get salon treatments at home. Whether it be more complicated ones like Laser hair removal or easier ones like a facial, you can now do all from your home.

Beauty bars are back

There was a time when a trusty bar of Dove was hailed as good enough. Then came the age of face washes with different properties, and the beauty bars were pushed to the corner. In 2022, these bars have made a comeback.

There are several reasons why soap bars are back; the newer formulas are not as bad. Moreover, soap bars are better for the environment, as they don’t usually involve the plastic packaging and require less resources to make. Furthermore, most bars last longer, so are also economical.

However, make sure that you wash the bar every use, so it doesn’t harness bacteria.

Gentle exfoliation

Exfoliation is a great way for to keep your skin looking fresh and glowing. Dead cells tend to pile up on the skin, and when combined with clogged pores and bacteria, the result is a dull skin that is more prone to breakouts.

Often, people would resort to physical exfoliants, thinking that it will help in getting rid of the dead skin pileup. Unfortunately, for face, that’s a bad strategy since it is too harsh for the rather delicate facial skin. It can lead to skin breaking and scar formation.

On the other hand, gentle exfoliants, usually the chemical ones, are better for the skin. They help in sloughing off the skin, require no abrasive action and thus don’t break the skin.

Moreover, these also allow for the skin to appear more even, the complexion better, and prevent the clogging of the pore. Furthermore, chemical exfoliants can also help in improving cell turnover as well.

Less is more

Another enlightening thought that can be credited to the pandemic is the minimalism in skincare products. Think less is more. Instead of having 20-step skincare ritual, make it more effective and less complicated.

You don’t need so many chemicals on your skin. On the contrary, too many chemicals can be bad for your skin. Moreover, overconsumption is also not good for the environment as well.


The name might seem suspicious, but slugging is simply the act of apply petroleum jelly, or substitutes thereof, to the face. Essentially, at night, after you have completed your skincare regiment, take a dollop of petroleum jelly and slather it all over your face. It helps in keeping the moisture in.

Moreover, it also aids in improving the texture of the skin, making it softer and less dry. Petroleum jelly may also deal with flaky skin or dry patches. However, don’t use it after potent serums, as it may then lock them in the skin, which mightn’t always be a good idea. It can also cause more skin problems, meriting then the intervention of the Best Skin Specialists in Lahore.

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