Safety Playgrounds: What You Need to Know


A 안전놀이터can help protect children from injuries while playing. It should include several key elements such as upper body equipment, Woodchip or concrete surfaces, and a well-designed structure. For your child’s safety, you should check for safety hazards every day. Having a safe playground is a key part of child care.

Unitary Surfacing Material

A playground is a wonderful place for kids to play, but it can also be very dangerous. Using resilient safety surfacing on a playground can help to reduce the risk of serious injury from falls. While a playground may only have a few pieces of play equipment, each child who steps onto it interacts with the surfacing.

Unitary surfaces are more durable than loose-fill surfaces, and they are also more cost-effective. Because they are durable, they can be used for a long time without any maintenance. Additionally, they are more flexible than other types of surfacing, making them ideal for indoor playgrounds. Rubber Tiles require very little maintenance, and they can be purchased in many different colors.

Upper Body Equipment

Upper body equipment is a great way to build strength and challenge a child. These pieces of equipment are often found on playgrounds. They can be as simple as a rock wall but are often sized down for smaller children. Rock walls are excellent for developing strength in the arms and shoulders. A child can practice balancing, throwing, and other hand-eye coordination skills by climbing rock walls.

Many kids spend too much time sitting in front of screens, so they must spend time using their upper bodies. Studies show that many American children are lacking in upper body strength. For instance, 60 percent of girls and 30 percent of boys are unable to perform even a single pull-up. Kids can benefit from using overhead equipment, such as chin-up bars, to improve their motor skills.

Woodchip or concrete surfaces

There are many different standards for playground surfacing. For instance, ASTM F1292 is a standard that was developed in 1999 and is intended to reduce serious injuries and deaths by reducing the impact a drop can have on a child. The standard specifies the requirements for impact attenuation performance and includes two measurement methods: a critical drop height test in the laboratory, and a test of the installed surface.

There are different types of surfacing materials for 안전놀이터, and some surfaces are more durable than others. Unitary surfaces, on the other hand, are more expensive to install, but they require less maintenance and can be easily maintained. Some surfaces can be ADA-compliant, while others are more durable and offer consistent safety for children.

Concussion symptoms

When your child is involved in a head injury, it’s important to monitor for concussion symptoms. These symptoms may include a discharge from the nose or ears, bruising behind the ears, or swelling of the head. You should also check for signs of a fractured skull or swelling of the brain. If you notice any of these symptoms, it’s important to take your child home to rest in a sick bay until your child is feeling better. It may be necessary to limit your child’s physical activity to walking or light jogging while they recover.

Children who play on playground equipment often suffer from concussions. An increasing number of children visit emergency rooms with these types of injuries. The increase in concussions was noted between 2001 and 2013, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Sun protection

The sun can be damaging to children in many ways. Kids are more susceptible to sunburns during peak hours, and prolonged exposure to the sun can result in serious skin conditions later on. To reduce the risk of skin damage, playgrounds should provide sun protection to children. This can include using sunscreen or other protective clothing.

It’s also important to consider the overall safety of the equipment. Providing adequate shade on the playground is also crucial. Children tend to become dehydrated during outdoor play, so it’s vital to provide easy access to water. It’s important to encourage children to bring water bottles, as well as provide a place to store them.

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