Safety Guidelines for a Safety Playground


If you are at a playground, you should be aware of the 안전놀이터 issues that can occur. Injuries can occur, and both you and your child need to stay calm and act quickly. You can use a first aid kit to treat minor injuries or call 911 to have a medical professional come and assist. Never try to move an injured child without the assistance of an adult. Instead, ask other adults to watch your child until help arrives.

Equipment that should not be used by children

If your playground is meant to keep children safe, then you should follow some guidelines when constructing and using the equipment. One of the most important guidelines is to never use equipment without adult supervision. Studies have shown that nearly half of playground injuries occur due to a lack of supervision. That’s why parents must supervise their children while they play.

To prevent tripping hazards, playground equipment must be painted brightly and free from sharp edges. Also, you must check for rust and splinters. It is also best not to allow any loose equipment. You should also make sure the fence around the playground is in good condition and free of unintended openings. You should also make sure that there are no protruding objects in the fence, as these can cut a child’s foot or become entangled in his/her clothing.

Equipment that should not be built with sharp points or edges

Sharp points and edges are hazardous and must be avoided in the workplace. Fortunately, there are many ways to minimize these risks. One way is to choose equipment that is made of durable materials and does not have sharp edges. These types of tools are safer for workers. However, they must be designed properly to prevent injury.

Improper ground surfaces around playground equipment

Improper ground surfaces around playground equipment can pose a serious health and safety threat to children. This can be prevented by having an adequate ground cover and by using safety-tested rubber. In addition, 안전놀이터should be kept free of exposed concrete footings, rocks, and tree stumps. In addition, there should be 6 feet of space under all playground equipment and at least double that distance under swing sets. It is also important that playgrounds have sufficient space between suspended bars and structures. They should also have a guardrail around any elevated play platforms.

Injuries from falling on playground equipment can lead to serious medical conditions. Some of these injuries can be fatal, such as suffocation or amputation. To prevent these injuries, playgrounds should have at least six feet of protective surfacing and 12 inches of cushioning. Also, playgrounds should be free of sharp edges and trip hazards.

Clothing that should not be too loose

When dressing your child for a safe playground, you should make sure he or she is wearing clothes that are comfortable and not too loose. This includes anything with strings or drawstrings that can get caught on the playground equipment. It is also a good idea to keep jewelry and other clothing items away from your child’s body. This could cause them to get trapped or hurt.

It is also important to keep shoes and clothing tied. Drawstrings on clothes can cause strangulation if a child does not know how to tie them. Untied shoes or costume capes can also be a tripping hazard. Inappropriate clothing can also cause a child to slip when they try to climb the equipment. Children should always wear clothes that are appropriate for their age and size.

Supervision of children on playgrounds

Supervision of children on playgrounds is vital for the safety of the children who play there. Research shows that as many as 40% of playground injuries occur due to insufficient supervision. Providing constant supervision can minimize the risk of accidents and avoid bullying, physical conflict, and peer-to-peer child sexual abuse. Many organizations have guidelines for playground supervision.

Adults must supervise children at all times. They should be familiar with the equipment and the published rules and regulations of the play structure. They should also be aware of the appropriate language and the correct way to use the equipment.

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