Reasons why is it mandatory to learn the first aid course

first aid course

We often tend to neglect and not learn the basic first aid course. We feel that we already do know it or there will be somebody who will help us out. But there can be instances where helping someone out with first aid can be life saving.

Dubai offers a lot in the educationally. You can find several medical courses in Dubai that you are interested in learning. If you are not interested in being a professional in the medical field, it is still suggested that you learn the first aid course. Learning the first aid course should be made mandatory as it helps us in so many ways that we are not even aware of.

First aid course can be learnt by anyone of non medical background and there are first aid course in Dubai where one can enroll and learn these courses.

Let us look into the factors and understand why learning the first aid course is so important.

Saving Lives

First aid course is learnt to help people save their lives. It may not be always seems in that way, but giving proper first aid helps a person to recover faster, to not increase more of the pain or damage that has already been caused. Sometimes when the first aid is not done in a proper manner, the illness can become long term and even life risking. It can be an anxious situation for someone who does not know how to do first aid and help the patient immediately. The first aid course teaches a person to remain calm and confident and do the needful act that is required and help the patient recover faster.

Make the patient comfortable

Often we panic when we see our loved ones having some sudden pain or attack and we feel even more helpless when we cannot provide any help. If the patient sees you panicking about not being to help it can worsen the mental situation of the patient. If you are calm and comfortable and can provide confidence to the patient it will help to ease out the pain of the patient automatically. There are many injuries too that do not require a hospital visit and if one knows that basic proper first aid then it can be immediately solved at home. Suppose if someone bruises their elbow or knee, if one knows properly how to do the first aid then there is no requirement for one to visit the doctor.

Help to not let the situation turn worse

There are situations when a patient when does not receive he first aid care then their situation can deteriorate a lot. If one can provide basic care by knowing how to do the first aid then it can increase the patient’s stability until he/she gets under the proper medical treatment. The first aid course helps you to learn when you do not have the first aid kit with you how to use other things that are around you that can be used instead of the tools in the kit and help you provide comfort to the patient.

Increases your confidence

Learning anything increases our confidence in that sector. If one learns how to do the basic first aid, then the person automatically becomes confident that he or she will be able to provide care to the patient. The first aid course will also learn the importance of having a healthy lifestyle and you will be able to make better informed choices that you will be able to maintain a good health of your own and family members too. In any case if you land up getting in an accident or be in pain which requires first aid you will be able to do it in your own if its minor or instruct someone to do it the proper way.

Teaches you to be practical

The course teaches you to lead a good healthy lifestyle and also inspire others to do the same. The first aid course teaches you to be practical, prioritise your own health first so that you can also look after someone who falls sick.

Let us now look at some of the medical emergencies which require us to learn the first aid course.

  • Chest pain
  • Choking
  • Shock
  • Asthma
  • Stroke
  • Seizures
  • Fainting
  • Wounds
  • Burns
  • Being poisoned
  • Bites
  • Stings
  • Neck or Head injuries
  • Fractures, Sprains etc.

These are very common injuries and can happen to anyone anytime and thus we all should learn how from the basic first aid course.

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