Profitable Low-invest Business Ideas You Can Explore

saddle bag purses

Let’s turn 2023 into your best year yet as you build your dream business from scratch. In the spirit of the new year, we’re all for exploring new opportunities that will lead us to have a special, fulfilling, and happy year ahead. If you’ve been thinking about putting up a business, but you don’t know the specifics yet, you are reading the right passage.

5 Online Business Ideas

In this article, I’m going to help you decide what unique products you can sell and earn potentially a lot of money from.

Saddle Bag Purse

The demand for girls’products is growing in terms of popularity on Etsy and also on TikTok. It is said that a handbag says about a woman’s personality. As a kind of self-expression, women always love buying wearable bags or purses with designs that express their personalities. This is the season to carry the cute little clutch. Women always want well-prepared bags when going out. So it is a good idea for you to stock some saddle bag purses with different sizes and designs and sell them online.

Resin Lamps

Resin is a popular medium these days, and the typical handmade resin product you’ll find online are coasters, trinket dishes, and key chains. So why not specialize in a sub-niche within that, which is to make resin lamps like nightstands and bring a new idea to the market? If you’re already comfortable using resin, then all you need besides that is lamp-based wiring. Resin lamps provide mood lighting that people enjoy when they’re relaxing at home. And typically, resin lamps also feature unique and beautiful works of art that when you turn on the lamp, produces really interesting and cool shadow figures. There are a lot of reasons why people love resin lamps as the resin art market is steadily growing as a niche.

Flower Arrangements

Flowers never go out of style whether we’re talking about dried or fresh, everyone loves a pick-me-up, and receiving flowers always does the trick. You can create colorful bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, and ornaments. Floral design is pretty easy to learn and there are so many designs that you can make. We get flowers simply because they’re pretty. And because we want to feel happy. So whether it’s a gift for any occasion, like a fresh home decoration, or just to completely change your mood, flowers do the trick. Flower arrangements are also timeless products that you can sell, and the demand is only growing.

Amigurumi Plushies

Amigurumi plushies are popular crochet products. They are very cute. The word “<span Amigurumi is a blend of two Japanese words, ami which means crocheted or knitted, and noigurumi which means a stuffed doll. So basically, amigurumi are three-dimensional crocheted stuffed toys. And like, people of all ages love plushies. Children love cuddling with them while adults love making or collecting them. Plushies have been around for a long time, and they are still popular products that people love even to this day. So there are definitely gonna be people buying it.

Tinted Lip Balms

Now I know lip balms aren’t new and there are a lot of businesses out there already selling handmade lip balms. Since these are essentials in everyday life, lip balms are another product that has proven to sell well and are likely to continue in the future. But you’re probably thinking if everyone else is already selling it, how do you stand out? So, to stand out in the lip balm space, you can explore making lots of different-flavored, scented, and tinted lip balms. Stand out in that way. You can also create your own signature formula. Plus, people love buying organic and handmade lip balms rather than commercial and synthetic ones.

saddle bag purses


These are some small business ideas, hope you find them useful.

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