Playgrounds for children Follow these guidelines to ensure they are safe


As summer heat wanes, taking your kids to the playground is more appealing. However, the risk of COVID-19 remains, and kids should take extra precautions.

North Carolina recently moved into Governor. Roy Cooper’s COVID-19 Phase 3 restrictions permit 안전놀이터playgrounds to hold a capacity of 50 persons. This is twice the number (25) permitted to be used for gatherings outdoors.

Gina Snider, a physician assistant at Novant Health Lexington Primary Care, answers questions on what’s safe for children and what’s not in the case of visiting playgrounds and parks in the updated guidelines.

Does my child need to wear a face mask at the park?

If you’re within 6 feet of someone else, it is always recommended to wear the appropriate mask. COVID-19 is easily spread through the respiratory tract. Therefore all people older than two must wear a face mask. If you happen to be in the playground when there aren’t other children present and only the family you’re with, you can take your mask off.

Is social distancing still critical?

That’s definitely among the top aspects. Children need to have the ability to play; however, staying in your family is essential as well. It’s impossible to know where other people have been or what they’ve had the privilege of meeting.

Do parents need to worry about the increased capacity at the playground to 50?

If you get there at the playground, you ought to be able to glance at the surroundings and decide depending on the number of people present. It is best to visit at the time of day when the playground isn’t as busy, which means lesser exposure due to the number of people in the playground. You should be prepared to cut the visit short if the area is too busy and you’re not at ease.

What should I do about a swing for the playground and slide or other play equipment? Do I need to clean them using a cleaner?

We’re still trying to figure out the COVID-19 on surfaces. It’s safe to wash the surfaces, but be sure your children wash their hands before and after using equipment for play. Keep children from putting their hands in their mouths and also have them wear a mask as they practice social distancing.

Can you safely go on an outside date to play with a smaller number of kids?

This is a decision as a family unit you’ll need to make. Schools are opening in specific locations, and children are in contact with children from other families. If you’re at ease with other family members during the playdate and everyone follows COVID-19 safety measures, this reduces the likelihood of someone getting sick.

What happens if my child would like to play in a gymnasium that often is situated close to or on an outside playground?

I’m sure many of the principles apply, and you’d use the same safety precautions when you go to an exercise facility as you would take 안전놀이터playing on the playground. Put on your mask. Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly and keep your distance from others. However, it would help if you didn’t expose yourself to dangers. Avoid going if you’re unsure if you’re safe or aren’t at ease in a gym.

What about children of a certain age who may play on a playground on their own or have a chance to play on a playground during school P.E. class or recess?

We’d like to see them adhere to the same rules that apply to all. They’re certainly more independent than the younger ones and make their own decisions. It’s crucial that the family maintains a family in a close circle and adheres to safety guidelines regardless of age.

Should I never let my children go to the playground?

It’s a problematic parenting and supervision balance. Children often feel lonely as they don’t have their classmates, friends and colleagues because of the COVID-19 virus. Children can gain from some playing time; however, at the same time, you must be aware of safety.

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