Myths and facts about your oral health

Myths and facts about your oral health

Keeping your pearly whites, white, is not the sole thing you should be worried about when it comes to dental hygiene. A sorely misunderstood field, people do not have sound knowledge of the importance and principles of dental hygiene.

While yes, the basic ways to keep your teeth happy and healthy are same for all, but different people have different eating habits and health conditions which makes it important that one be informed more on the personal requirements for dental hygiene.

The lack of knowledge and the consequent problems is the reason why people then have to rush to their Dentist in Lahore. However, there is another common problem, the misinformation.

Much like with any other field, there is a lot of misinformation circulating about dental health issues. These cannot only cause people to take wrong steps that causes diseases, but their teeth might also be irreparably damaged. Hence, knowing the myths apart from the facts is important.

Common myths about your dental health

Myth 1: It is the candies that are bad; the sugary beverages are fine

Unfortunately, your obsession with sugar-laden beverages is not good for your teeth. While yes, candies are bad because they stick to the teeth, and then are feasted on by the bacteria, sugary drinks are no better.

Unless you wash their residue away with water or rinsing your mouth, the remnants of sugar will reamain and will  lead to bacteria feasting on it.

Myth 2: Sugar-free beverages are fine

Carbonated drinks that claim to be without any sugar are also not good for your teeth. Even though they might not have sugar for the bacteria to devour upon, these are still very acidic in nature. The acid causes damage to the enamel, and hence, the damage to your teeth continues still.

Myth 3: You only need to go the dentist if you have a problem

A rather dangerous myth, the presumption that you only have to go to the dentist only in case of a problem. You constantly need upkeep of your teeth, so that your issues can be pinpointed in time. Otherwise, waiting for the things to go bad can lead to issues becoming worse.

Moreover, delaying treatment can also cause the problems to become irreparable; you might have to get the tooth removed because there is no other option left.

Hence, it is important that regular visits to the dentists be scheduled so the people can get timely treatment.

Myth 4: Oral health is simply oral health

Do you know that poor oral health is linked to heart disease? Do you know that the bacteria can travel from your teeth to your bloodstream and infect the rest of the body, causing problems like diabetes, cancer, etc.

Hence, it is vital that you take oral health seriously, as it has grave implications for your rest of the body as well.

Myth 5: My teeth will go bad with age

Just because your body is aging does not mean that you have to bid adieu to your teeth. If you take a good care of your teeth, there is no reason why you cannot have a good oral health. So, brush your teeth, floss and be in contact with your dentist, regularly.

Myth 6: Having white teeth means having healthy teeth

Due to the misconstrued beauty standards, people think if their teeth are white, they are healthy. On the other hand, some might even partake in dangerous teeth whitening practices just to get shiny and white teeth.

However, not everyone has white teeth naturally. If you have yellowish-pale teeth, it does not necessarily mean you have poor dental hygiene. The indicators of dental hygiene issues include cavities, bad breath, swollen gums, etc. So, let your dentist be the judge of them.

If you do not currently have a good dentist, you can always find an expert via However, you must not partake in whitening rituals without the intervention of an expert.

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