Making a Risk-Free Playground


Kids must have access to a secure playground for their protection. Surface, age-appropriate equipment, and non-toxic materials are all crucial for keeping everyone 안전놀이터. Some precautions are listed below. Make sure there is no broken glass or cans lying around the playground. In addition, look for rusty screws and missing parts on all playground equipment. Additionally, make sure there are no footings that are uncovered because of a lack of loose fill.

Surfaces designed to minimize the risk of injury

Playgrounds equipped with safety surfacing help keep kids risk-free while having fun. With more than 25 years in the industry, Falzone supplies and installs playground safety surfaces. Playground safety is a global priority for the company. Young children are safer on the ground thanks to the patented Fall Zone safety surfacing system.

Different materials can be used for the playground’s safety surfacing. Pour-in-place rubber is a popular option (PIP). This type of safety flooring satisfies ADA regulations and is non-toxic. To add to that, it makes playground equipment accessible to kids who may need a little extra help getting there. Wheelchair pushing on PIP is like pushing through butter compared to other surfaces, which can feel like mud. Because it promotes safe and inclusive play for all kids, PIP is also beneficial for kids’ mental health.

Equipment inspection is crucial before opening a playground. It is crucial to maintain playground equipment so that it can be used for many years. People of all ages could be put in harm’s way if it’s not in good shape. And it will make the playground area look terrible. Keeping up with routine maintenance will extend the life of your playground and keep it in good condition for the kids to use.

If the playground is regularly inspected, it can be guaranteed that no harmful elements will be present. Rust and other damage to wooden tools should be checked for at this time. Make sure that no pieces of machinery are hanging around. Children can easily hurt themselves on loose planks of wood. Children may also be at risk of injury due to damaged or shaky guardrails.

Chemical-free construction

To protect kids from potential chemical exposure, it’s crucial to pick a playground surface without any of those things. Sand used in playgrounds may contain harmful substances like silica and asbestos, which have been linked to lung diseases and even cancer. Pea gravel is another playground standard, but it too poses risks due to the presence of sharp twigs, stones, and other debris. There needs to be more investigation into the 안전놀이터limits of these chemicals in playground equipment. Wheelchairs may have trouble moving around on pea gravel. Pea gravel also has the disadvantage of being a hiding place for insects and other potentially dangerous organisms.

One non-hazardous option for playground flooring is recycled rubber. Crushed tires are the main ingredient in rubber mulch. The tires are then compacted into the play area. Rubber mulch is the best option for maximum support with minimal effort on your part because it is non-toxic. It’s the least expensive choice when it comes to the recycled rubber.

Preventing the Spread of Germs, A playground may harbor millions of germs. Amid concerns about loose dogs, strangers, and bullies, many parents fail to recognize the significance of keeping their children healthy. Thankfully, there are measures adults can take to ensure their children’s health and safety while they play. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the more common approaches to fighting off infections.


Kids need to have safe places to play, but playgrounds need upkeep to keep them that way. There will come a time when playground equipment starts to show signs of wear and tear, and if repairs are put off, the problem will only get worse and cost more to fix. Maintaining a playground with a documented procedure aids in risk management and reduces potential legal action.

Inspecting the playground’s parts is the first step in keeping them in good shape. Check for rust, splinters, and any other obvious signs of wear and tear. Also, be on the lookout for any damage, such as graffiti, broken machinery, or cracks.

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