Maintaining Your Snowboards


To keep your brand-new snowboard in top shape while you enjoy snowy slopes, you need to maintain it in the off-season. Snowboard designs have evolved with significant improvements in their quality.

To get your hands on the best snowboards and other gear, check out Burton for superior quality boards.

Snowboards are a high-investment product. Proper maintenance is of utmost importance to get the most out of it and maximise its potential. Here are a few tips for maintaining your snowboards, especially in Australia.

6 Essential Tips

1.     Make sure you don’t forget the wax.

Snowboards come with a layer of wax that was applied at the warehouse. Although they can be used as it is, it is still recommended to wax them properly before their first use.

Luckily, waxing a snowboard is relatively easy. The easy task of waxing will equip you to move faster through the tricky tracks. Wax essentially prevents the board from drying.

All you need to wax a snowboard are wax, a scraper, and iron. Irons specific to this purpose are available in the market. However, if you use your clothes iron, reserve it for your snowboard and do not use it ever again for clothes.

Tip: Buff the sharp metallic edges on either end of the snowboard using either a filer or a gummy or diamond stone.

2.     Regular Waxing

The waxing process does not stop at your brand-new snowboard. Treat your snowboard with some good wax regularly.

The waxing frequency, however, depends on the frequency of use. If you still cannot figure out when to wax it, take a look at the base of the snowboard. If it seems a little white and has become slower than usual, it is time to wax it.

If nothing works, you can always take it to a shop to get it done professionally.

3.     Keep it Dry

Make sure to wipe off snow stuck to the bottom of the board after every use. Do not miss the crevices around the binding. Preventing rusting of the metal parts of the snowboard is essential. Any excess moisture in the gaps can cause rust.

4.     Prevention

The most basic yet essential thing you can do for your snowboard is to ride it carefully. Exposed rocks and other similar surfaces are damaging for snowboards. The beginning and end of ski season is the riskiest time when snowboards are most vulnerable to such damage.

Ride your snowboards during optimal peak snow conditions.

5.     Fixing Gashes

No matter how seasoned a snowboarder you are, there is always the risk of damage to the snowboard.

In case of a shallow scratch, buff it with hot wax. Get it fixed professionally at a snowboard store if the scratch is deeper.

6.     Proper Storage

At the end of snowboarding season, make sure to wipe all the snow and mud off of it. Follow through with a good waxing session before storing it in a cool and dry place. The storage space of the snowboard must not be cramped such that it gets knocked around in case of any slight movement.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking to buy a new snowboard, Burton is the most trusted brand in this niche. With research showing opportunities for innovation in the design of snowboards, you can find the most suitable one for you.

Remember, the best of snowboards require proper upkeep to give them a long life.

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