How to Use Custom Pre-Roll Packaging to Attract Customers

Pre-Roll Packaging

Attracting a large pool of pre-roll customers is challenging amidst an exponentially growing cannabis market and an ever-increasing number of pre-roll brands. However, creative, personalized, and enticing custom pre-roll packaging can do wonders for your business. Custom pre-roll packaging is an excellent marketing tool to exhibit the high value of your product. The more interesting and exciting the packaging is, the more the chances of wooing pre-roll customers.

Here we have explained the significance of custom pre-roll packaging for attracting new customers and retaining loyal ones. So, without further ado, let’s check them out!

Offer Ease and Convenience to the Customer

Customer pre-roll packaging is different than traditional packaging in various ways. The standard pre-roll packaging is simple and dull, prepared only to present and deliver the pre-rolls safely. However, the custom pre-roll packaging offers maximum ease and convenience to the consumer.

The main goal of the custom pre-roll packaging is to prioritize the customer’s feasibility. Therefore, the packaging companies prepare the custom pre-roll packaging per the consumer’s requirements.

Pre-Roll Packaging

Use Attractive Illustrations

Attractive imagery is one of the most effective and highly appreciated marketing strategies to advertise your product successfully. People naturally lure toward visually awesome and captivating things. You can use alluring patterns and colorful designs on the pre-roll packaging, distinguishing your brand and the product from the competitors. 

One of the trendiest illustrations these days is the use of abstract art in the form of lines and shapes. Many brands use swirling lines in varying colors to enhance the beauty of the packaging. You may also have seen custom packaging boxes in different forms. For instance, hexagonal custom packaging boxes are in high demand.

You may also check out the pre-designed patterns available at premium packaging companies. High-end and prestigious packaging companies have their design team prepare customized designs and patterns. These designers can also customize a brand-new image per your requirements.

Print Necessary Product Information

People appreciate the provision of necessary product information on the product packaging. The product information allows the consumers to have prior knowledge of the product they are buying.

Moreover, the rules and regulations regarding the inclusion of cannabis in the entertainment and medicinal industry are not set in stone. And cannabis users remain connected to the current news and events concerning marijuana.

Therefore, printing the product information on the packaging is essential, ensuring that your brand has manufactured and presented the pre-rolls per the current guidelines. This product information includes the source of hemp, pre-roll ingredients, percentage purity of the pre-rolls, and the expected efficacy.

Follow the Competing Brands

It is always a great idea to keep an attentive eye on what your competitors are doing. This business strategy allows you to up your game and strives to do better than the others. Thoroughly research your competitors’ marketing strategy and what sort of pre-roll packaging they are using. Prepare a comprehensive report about the most successful advertising strategies and create a better one for your product. However, it is crucial to remember to avoid mimicking your competitor’s-roll packaging. Firstly, because copying other brands is illegal, you will lose the opportunity to depict your individuality in the market.

Pre-Roll Packaging

Add Business Logo

A business logo printed on the custom pre-roll packaging adds value to the whole picture. An aesthetically pleasing and creative logo depicts the brand’s premium personality. Moreover, the brand logo significantly improves the company’s standing in the market. However, ensure that the printing quality of the business logo on the packaging is not blurry but is of premium quality.

Also, adding a smooth and glossy finish to the packaging or just the logo is an exceptional strategy to pull attention. You can design the brand’s logo yourself or hire a professional team of designers to create one.

Whether you do it yourself or get it done, one crucial thing to remember is that the logo must follow the company’s core values and authentic personality. A perfectly created and personalized brand logo is critical to connecting with customers.

Offer Various Packaging Options

Considering the massive customer interest in custom pre-roll packaging, the packaging companies introduced various packaging options. Some popular pre-roll packaging options include pre-roll pop-top tubes, glass tubes, custom pre-roll boxes, glassine pouches, and plastic pouches.

Also, child-resistant custom pre-roll packaging options are in high demand. The child-resistant packaging options keep the pre-roll safe from the kids. Even if the kids get in contact with these pre-roll packaging, they won’t be able to open them.

Furthermore, eco-friendly pre-roll packaging options are also top-rated. These pre-roll packages are made using eco-friendly materials, including cardboard, recycled or ocean-reclaimed plastic, glassine, glass, and hemp. The eco-friendly packaging helps reduce your carbon footprint and contributes to environmental conservation.

Moreover, eco-conscious cannabis users only purchase pre-rolls from brands using eco-friendly business practices.

Social Media Marketing

Custom pre-roll packaging helps in successful social media marketing and advertising. An active and effective social media presence is crucial to improving your sales. So, printing your social media profile IDs on the custom pre-roll packaging is highly recommended.

Moreover, add enticing and attractive pictures of the custom pre-roll packaging on the social media pages along with highlighting features of the product. You can also add short videos of the pre-rolls while having a smoke. These subtle yet powerful social media marketing strategies can provide a game changer in gaining new customers.

Final Words: Create Enticing and Functional Packaging to Grab Customer’s Attention

Pre-Roll Packaging

Creating aesthetically pleasing and perfectly designed custom pre-roll packaging displays the brand’s commitment to providing premium products. A product’s packaging is the first marketing medium to urge the customers to try the product. Also, custom pre-roll packaging offers an excellent opportunity for brands to showcase their creativity and individuality to make a significant mark in the market.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started with creating exceptional custom pre-roll packaging per customer demand. Happy Packaging!

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