How To Pull Off The Vintage Look With Modern Twist

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There is something special about vintage looks. The simplicity, the effortless elegance, and the touch of romance, everything about them inspire us to take our fashion game up to the next level.

In fact, some vintage dresses had such a momentous impact that they never went out of fashion. Classic ball gowns, satin tops, LBDs, sequins, and flared skirts – these are timeless, iconic styles that you can consider to elevate your feminine charm.

However, you need to be pretty considerate about what you choose. There should be a fine line between fashionably vintage-inspired and looking like you just got a second-hand costume from the store.

For women who like to pull off a vintage look without making it seem obvious, we have some expert tips to help you make it happen.

Let’s get started!


Let’s accept it: not every vintage look is made for everyone. If you really want to make it work for you, you have to opt for the *one* that best suits your style.

Dig a little deeper to figure out which decade matches the most with your style. If you’re into feminine florals, go for the 60s. If you love some flounce and flare, you might be a 70s girl. If you like everything sparkling and dramatic, then the 80s is your era.

Learning which decade vintage trends vibe with your personality will help you create a flattering, fun statement of your dreams.

Bonus Tip: If you don’t know your decade, the safest option would be to seize on vintage-inspired satin dresses. They are flattering to everyone and feel lavish. This beaded satin a-line Aspeed dress is an impeccable example.


Maybe you’re in awe of Grace Kelly’s elegant looks from the 50s or Cher’s bohemian babe vibes from the 70s and wish to recreate the same. While it’s a great idea, imitating the exact look will end up looking like a costume. It will make you less self-conscious fitness and unique.

The right thing is to think original and add your own style to it. It can be anything: putting on a denim jacket over a vintage dress, wearing a modish crop top with a timeless skirt, etc.


Fashion is cyclical. Many pieces that were in style a few years ago are back into fashion. Modern brands and designers sell the contemporary version of those pieces annabella stoermer coleman net worth to help a wearer feel à la mode.

Think of wide pantsuits, ruffled ball gowns, turtle neck tops, satin dresses, mom jeans, and funky prints – all these are vintage styles that are now available with modern twists. You can easily get the *one* in the Aspeed USA dress collection to live a modern-day classic tale.


The simple way to transform a vintage scene into modish is to add accessories.

Start with the jewelry. Pairing statement jewelry, such as layered necklaces, chokers, and dangle earrings, with a vintage dress, helps take a style game up a notch. You can also consider a trendy handbag to look like an ultimate diva. Don’t forget the shoes. They should be stylish enough to add a kicky touch to your vintage outfit.

For example: putting on a trendy crystal collar necklace, drop earrings, and neat curls with this Aspeed vintage dress will make you voguishly classic.


Spruce up the era-specific outfit with contemporary makeup tricks. Go for modern smokey eyes for a nighttime occasion and a subtle “no-makeup” makeup look in the day to accomplish the look.

Bright red lipsticks and winged eyeliner are retro styles. You can replace them with natural nude lips and a pastel color palette to dress up a modern vintage

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The End?

Giving a modern twist to your speed vintage dress is sure a great way to stand out from the crowd. But it works only when you know the right tricks and has the right confidence. We hope our guide to creating a modern vintage look will help you make your fashion fantasies come true.


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