How to Prepare For UGC NET Through Self Study?


To prepare well for the UGC NET examination, people tend to take special coaching classes, especially considering the vast UGC NET syllabus. But for those looking to prepare for the UGC NET syllabus through self-study, we must warn you that it will be challenging, but certainly not impossible, especially with the right guide.

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UGC NET Exam Details

The exam will be conducted online through a computer-based test. The UGC NET exam will be divided into Paper 1 and Paper 2. Each candidate will get a total of 3 hours to complete both papers. Paper 1 will be based on knowledge aptitude, and there will be 50 questions from that. Paper 2 will be based on subject-specific queries, and will have 100 questions. The questions will be objective type, and you will get to choose the correct answer from 4 options. If you get the right answer, you will be rewarded two marks for each, but if you get an answer wrong, there’s no negative marking.

Tips For UGC NET Preparation Through Self-study

If you study hard and systematically, you might not need a guide to crack UGC NET. You need to keep 5 things in perspective when you are preparing for your exam. Here are the 5 tips for UGC NET preparation through self-study.

Grow Your Knowledge Base

To prepare for the UGC NET Exam, you will have to have vast knowledge ranging from science and technology to politics to literature to geography and economics. You can’t just hope to get all that information through just a book or two. Buy various books, read local and global news to stay up to date with the current affairs, and buy business and magazine articles. Do whatever it takes to grow your knowledge base.

Research More and More

“This is the right answer. I know this because I’ve done my research.” This is something many people have and yet turn out to be wrong every once. A 5 or 10-minute research will yield nothing. To get the complete picture, you must research extensively.

Thorough Study of the Syllabus and Exam Strategy

While studying and preparing for your UGC NET Exam, you may get diverted to some off-topic studies. It is necessary that you thoroughly study the syllabus and only prepare topics within the syllabus. Also, get a clear understanding of the question pattern and prepare an exam strategy with that in mind.

Get Online Material

With everything available these days, the chances of not finding an answer to your question are slim to none. Get online, and go in-depth with various exam e-books and previous year’s exam papers. There’s nothing you can’t find online these days. You don’t even need to buy all the books. The chances are that a PDF version of the book is already online somewhere, and you will need to search and find that PDF online.

Communication With Other UGC NET Candidates

If you’re preparing for the UGC NET exam, some of your friends are also preparing for the same examination. The chances are that some of your seniors have also attempted the exam or are at least trying to. Connect with all of them. Share notes, ideas, and preparation styles and stay in touch with them.

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