How to paraphrase correctly

All writers can benefit from knowing how to properly rewrite sentences. It enables students to rephrase the concepts of others while also allowing them to polish their own writing. You can rely on a paraphrasing tool to assist you, but if you don’t use them effectively, they won’t help you advance. Tools can be used to support both passive and active learning, as well as both. In this article, we’ll talk about the techniques and how to use them properly.

Replace words with synonyms

The most fundamental rewriting strategy is synonym replacement. Using this technique, the author goes over the phrases and changes a few words to their appropriate contextual synonyms. However, even if one or two words are substituted, the general structure of the sentence still resembles the original quite closely. You should combine two or three strategies if your goal is to modify the sentence and make it distinctive. In the following sections of this piece, we’ll examine a few different methods.

Alternate between the active and passive voice

To illustrate how something was said or done, both active and passive voices are employed. But how they go about it is quite different. When writing in the active voice, the verb is placed before the subject to emphasize “who” is performing the action. The “thing” on which the activity is being performed is more significant when using the passive voice.

Modify the word forms

Changing the word forms in sentences is a fantastic technique to rework them appropriately. What does it mean when we alter word forms? You might already be aware that several nouns have verb forms as well. The word “consume” is a frequent example. The verb “consume” denotes the act of eating something or using something up. It also has a noun form, though. “Consumption” is the noun form. To change word forms, you must also alter other sentence components. This is done to account for the changes and avoid grammatical mistakes.

Swap the word sequences

One of the most crucial elements of rewriting is word order. In English, a sentence’s word order has a considerable impact on its meaning. Therefore, even if we can rewrite using this strategy, we must do it while maintaining the meaning. Because of this, this is a sophisticated rewriting approach. This approach is also one that a paraphrasing tool like Paraphrase Online excel at. You can use this tool to rephrase important text at once, which makes your task easier. It is readily available and cost-free online. It produces text that is free of plagiarism and corrects all grammatical problems. It gives your material a distinctive and enticing quality and allows you to rearrange terms to best suit your purposes.


Sentences can be correctly rewritten using a variety of methods. You must have an above-average command of grammatical rules in order to be good at rewriting. This is due to the fact that if advanced rewriting techniques are used carelessly, they may produce incomprehensible texts. You will indeed be able to accurately rewrite sentences more quickly if you use these strategies with the aid of rewriting tools.

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