In recent years, awareness of mental health issues has increased. The seriousness of this issue has reached a high presence in our society. However, people still underestimate how important this issue is. Moreover, they do not realize how serious the consequences are. It is worse than losing at jeux DE black jack en ligne.

Especially during the pandemic, people suffered from happiness and uncertainty. In many countries, the standard of living has fallen below pre-eradication levels. To date, they have not reached their former levels.

According to the WHO, the pandemic has led to a 25% increase in the prevalence of anxiety and depression worldwide. This is evident among low-income families, single people, and countries where the overall standard of living and health infrastructure were poor. Health infrastructure is not equally good in all countries. It is related to the country’s GDP.

It is also not evenly distributed across regions. Health infrastructure describes the number of hospitals and doctors’ offices, as well as the number of nurses and doctors. Medical care is also of great importance. During the Covid-19 crisis, people needed masks and respirators.

But not all countries had them. Hygiene standards were also almost nonexistent in some regions. This is fatal during a pandemic. Even after the vaccine was discovered, not all countries had access to it. The richer countries could afford it and also had the right infrastructure for storage. This is because it had to be kept in the refrigerator all the time.

With the advent of vaccination cards and other things, restrictions were lifted. But society still has not returned to pre-pandemic normalcy. The fact is that the negative effects will be felt for decades to come.


As far as mental health is concerned, we can observe a trend worldwide. People were put under more pressure. They had more stress and worried much more. These worries were about losing a job, finding a job, or family issues. Some families could not afford a room for their children to study or did not even have a computer and internet connection. Some live in such small accommodations that it was a nightmare for the children who were not allowed to leave the house. This also had a negative impact on the children’s education.

They need to go out and be active. Running around and meeting with other children. Social contact is essential at this stage for a growing child. This kind of damage is almost impossible to repair after the fact. But it was not easy for students or singles either. They felt very lonely. Daily social contact was missing. Even going to the supermarket became a highlight. But with the face masks, you no longer had the feeling of not being alone.

Some felt left alone with their worries. Things did not get any easier with the inventions of telecommunications. Seeing a person on a screen is not the same as touching them or simply feeling their presence. It became even more difficult for people whose partners lived far away. Many relationships did not survive this, nor did friendships. It will be a long and hard road to recover from these things.

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