How to Keep Your Children Safe on the Playground


To keep your children safe while playing on the playground, you should follow several rules and guidelines. These guidelines will help you choose the right 안전놀이터surfacing material. Besides that, you should also make sure to choose a playground with adequate shock absorption. You can choose from several options, such as rubber, wood, and foam.

Safety guidelines for playgrounds

Recently, there has been much media attention given to playground safety. This pressure is causing public agencies to re-examine their approach to playground maintenance. Park and recreation professionals are faced with the challenge of balancing safety guidelines with limited resources. Fortunately, there are now several guidelines available to keep playgrounds safe for children and adults.

First, play structures should be spaced at least nine feet apart. Play structures should also be checked for dangerous hardware. Measure the space between ladder rungs and check for any sharp points and edges that can trap a child. Additionally, check playground equipment for tripping hazards. If the playground features elevated surfaces, they should be guarded with safety railings.

Next, playgrounds should have appropriate equipment for children of different ages. For instance, toddlers need close supervision, so they should play in a separate area away from older children. Also, children under five should only play on playground equipment that is less than 1.5 meters high. In addition, moving equipment should be in a separate area.

The surface of a playground should be safe and durable. Dirt, grass, concrete, or asphalt are unacceptable playground surfaces because they can cause tripping hazards. Although children can still fall on these surfaces, they are likely to be less seriously injured.

Hazards on playgrounds

Playground safety inspectors are professionals trained to identify hazards. Certified Playground Safety Inspectors follow a strict code of conduct and must be familiar with the ASTM Safety Performance Specifications for Playground Equipment. They can perform audits of public playgrounds and recommend programs to improve their standards. In addition to performing safety audits, CPSIs can recommend the removal or repair of dangerous equipment.

The most common injury at playgrounds is from falls, which can occur from insufficiently padded surfaces or inappropriate equipment. Inadequate guardrails or handrails are also associated with injuries. Unsafe surfacing materials or insufficient depths are also major 안전놀이터contributing factors. These factors may lead to injury and death.

Another common playground hazard is entanglement. Children can become entangled on a slide, swing, pole, or ladder rung. They may also become entangled in a lanyard or drawstring on clothing. Similarly, children could suffer a severe injury from a broken bolt or broken slat on a slide.

To prevent injuries, playgrounds should be inspected annually. While playground standards have evolved in recent years, some playgrounds are not up to code. Professionals need to focus on safety and effective use. Playground hazards are part of the excitement, and addressing them can help prevent serious injuries.

Suggestions for a safer playground

When designing a playground, take into account the safety of the children. There are many different kinds of equipment available and you need to choose one that’s designed to minimize the risks of falls. Look for equipment with soft surfaces that can absorb shock and keep children safe from injuries. You should also look for hazards, such as rust and broken swing chains. Also, make sure you remove any trash and broken glass from the playground and check for poisonous plants.

Playgrounds should be paved with a surface that’s safe for children to play on. This surface can be made of woodchips, sand, or pea gravel. Some playgrounds also have rubber mats or tiles. Concrete, asphalt, grass, or dirt surfaces are not safe for kids and may cause injuries. You should also make sure the playground’s perimeter is fenced so children can’t fall through the opening.

Children should be supervised at all times. Swings can be dangerous for small children. Be sure to limit the height of the swings and other equipment to make sure kids don’t get trapped underneath them. Choking hazards are a serious concern on playgrounds. If you don’t feel comfortable letting your child play alone, consider using a buddy system. Also, be sure to take the time to walk the playground and inspect it for any possible hazards.

Overcrowded playgrounds are difficult to monitor. If possible, select a quieter playground. In addition, make sure the playground is free of obvious hazards, such as broken equipment. If your playground is in the sun, wear sunscreen to protect yourself and your child from the dangerous ultraviolet rays. Even if the weather is cloudy, 80 percent of ultraviolet rays can penetrate through clouds.

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