How to download videos on YouTube Premium?


Video sharing, viewing, and uploading are all made possible by YouTube. In addition to watching the videos online, you can also download them to your device and watch them when you are not connected to the internet. 

You can watch the videos even when you do not have access to an internet connection if you download them from YouTube and save them to your computer. 

If you use YouTube or YouTube music and find yourself without an internet connection, you can download the videos to your computer and watch them offline. Within the YouTube Kids app, you will find videos that have been automatically downloaded for you to view. 

You should find these applications in your region so you can download videos to watch offline. You are required to be logged in with a YouTube Premium account.

How to download videos from YouTube to your phone? 

The YouTube Premium membership allows users to download video content for offline watching by clicking the option Despite this, there are a few videos that users can download without paying for the paid membership option. 

You can watch these films even when you are not connected to the internet for up to 48 hours; after that, you will need to download the video content again. When you reconnect to an internet connection, the YouTube app can verify whether or not there have been any modifications to the videos’ availability. 

India is one of the few places on earth where it is possible to download videos. There are very few places like this. To download videos from YouTube to your mobile phone, follow the below steps.

  1. Launch the YouTube app on your mobile device, whether an Android or iOS smartphone.
  2. After that, all you need to do is open the video that you wish to download.
  3. Then, choose “Download Video” by selecting the “Three Dots” button below the video.
  4. When the download is finished, viewers can see the film by navigating the Library menu and selecting Downloads.
  5. If you wish to adjust the quality of your downloads, you can go to the Settings page of the profile and then click on the Downloads button.
  6. After that, select an option from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking the Download Quality button.
  7. Users who subscribe to YouTube Premium can download videos in high resolutions; however, users with free accounts can only download videos in resolutions up to 720p.

How to save films from YouTube to your computer’s desktop

YouTube has released a new feature that enables users of desktop browsers to save videos for viewing when they are not connected to the internet. According to the video streaming platform that Google owns, the function can be found on computers running the most recent version of Chrome, Opera, or Edge browsers. 

Desktop users are the only ones who can use the function, in contrast to mobile phones, where it is exclusively available to YouTube Premium subscribers. To download a video on your desktop, go with the steps that are listed below:

  1. Launch YouTube in your computer’s desktop browser first.
  2. Proceed to the next step and check to see if the most recent version of your browser has been installed.
  3. After that, navigate to the video that you want to watch without an internet connection,
  4. To download the video, select “Download” from the menu when you hover over the video’s bottom right corner.
  5. Once the film has been successfully downloaded, it will be accessible to you under the “downloads” part of the hamburger menu on the screen’s left side.
  6. When you are ready, navigate to Settings > Downloads to select the quality of the download resolution.
  7. YouTube users who have upgraded to a YouTube Premium account can download content in full high definition (1080p).

Can you tell me how I can watch Disney Plus without having to subscribe?

Disney Plus is more than just a location to park the kids so they can watch “The Mandalorian”, even though it is owned and run by The Walt Disney Company. 

The on-demand service provides TV shows and movies from various famous studios, including Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, and others. Click the option at login/begin gives you access to one of the following four ways to receive a free trial of Disney Plus:

  1. If you have Amazon Prime, you can get Disney Plus for free.

Yes. And there are two other ways in which users of Amazon Prime can take advantage of the free trial of Disney Plus when combined with the Amazon Music Unlimited Service:

  • If you are not already an Amazon Music subscriber:

Suppose you are a current member of Amazon Prime but do not have Amazon Music Unlimited and are not a subscriber to Disney Plus. In that case, you can get a free trial of Disney Plus for six months when you sign up for the Amazon Music Unlimited service you can visit official site This offer is only valid for new Amazon Prime members.

  1. Get Disney Plus Free With Verizon

Up to November 30, new and existing users of Verizon Wireless can take advantage of numerous alternatives that Verizon offers to receive a complimentary subscription to Disney Plus.

  • New Verizon customers:

Suppose you transfer from your current carrier to either Verizon’s Start Unlimited or Do More Unlimited plan. In that case, you will be eligible for a free trial of Disney Plus for six months, provided by Verizon.

  • Current Verizon customers:

If you are already subscribed to Disney Plus and Verizon’s unlimited Get More or Play More plan, or if you switch to one of these plans, you can add the Disney Plus Bundle for an extra $6 per month. 

If you are on the Get More or Play More Unlimited plans, you can upgrade to the Disney Plus Bundle for an additional $6 per month. You are still eligible for the advantage if you are a Verizon’s unlimited plan member and a Disney Plus subscriber annually. 

Your current subscription to Disney Plus and the monthly fee you are obligated to pay will be put on hold for the duration of the Free Disney Plus trial period, which lasts for six months.

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  1. Disney Plus is currently free with select U.S. mobile plans.

Customers of US Mobile who subscribe to an Unlimited All Plan and have three or more lines are eligible to receive a complimentary subscription to Disney Plus. 

You won’t be able to have both Pandora Plus AND Disney Plus, for example; nevertheless, saving $13.99 a month on the Disney Plus Bundle looks like a no-brainer to us. US Mobile offers a variety of Perks options, so you won’t be able to have both of these services simultaneously.

  1. When you bundle, Disney Plus is almost free.

The Disney Plus Bundle should be an obvious decision if you already have or plan to get Hulu and ESPN+ in the near future. Hulu provides broadcast TV series, and movies rated R in addition to the family-friendly and educational content you get from Disney, and ESPN+ enables you to view various live sporting events, shows, and documentaries. 

Disney’s range includes both of these categories. Both Hulu and ESPN+ require a separate subscription that costs the same amount each month, which is $5.99.

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