How to Choose a Wedding Color Scheme

Wedding Color Scheme

There are almost 2.5 million weddings held every year in the US. Out of all the money spent on these weddings, almost 30% of the total budget is spent on the reception and everything that goes with it.

Usually, a reception is made up of your wedding colors, decor, hiring costs, entertainment, and catering, to mention the biggest things!

Your absolute first step is going on the hunt for the wedding color scheme that fits best with you as a couple and with your overall theme.

Keep reading to figure out how to choose the best colors for your special day!

1. Have A Look At Various Wedding Colors 

The best place to start is by looking at an entire range of wedding colors as inspiration. This can be done by buying a truckload of wedding magazines and spending a ton of time on wedding websites and creating Pinterest boards.

As this initial search begins, you’ll immediately get a feel for colors that agree with both of you and other color schemes that immediately shout, no way!

2. Factor In Your Personalities 

Here’s the thing, your wedding day should be filled with small nuances of you and your partner. This can be done through small decor items, wedding favors, and of course, the wedding colors!

Think about your personality as well as that of your partner.

Are you timid and introverted? Or is one of you a social butterfly who loves to put on their dancing shoes? Perhaps one of you loves classic literature?

There are color elements that you can pull from your personality traits. By placing some of these together, you can start creating a color palette that gives you a good selection.

3. Think Of Other Wedding Color Scheme Elements 

Before you even started the search for a venue and a florist, there’s no shock that you already knew what the bridesmaids and groomsmen were going to look like on your big day!

There are two important things to factor here:

  1. Your bridesmaid’s and groomsmen’s outfits should not blend in too much with your wedding colors
  2. Bridal party outfits need to look good in photos against the backdrop of your wedding color scheme

The material used matters; for example, bridesmaid dresses velvet might not complement a velvet tablecloth and velvet runner, so you may want to change up your wedding colors and material!

4. Consider The Season 

You may be having a spring wedding, or perhaps you’re having a winter wedding; whichever it may be, the season can help you choose the best colors for your special day.

Lighter, neutral colors always make for a wonderful winter wedding palette. In contrast, a fall wedding could come together nicely with dull tones of orange and maroon.

Use the season to inspire your color choices!

Wonderful Wedding Colors 

Whatever your wedding color scheme is, there’s one more thing you need to think about before you commit to anything:

The venue you choose can affect your wedding color choices. If there’s a lot of existing color at your wedding venue of choice, then try to blend with that as best as possible.

Are you feeling overwhelmed by planning your big day? Head to our wedding section and get all the greatest advice to help your day run smoothly.

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