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Vincent frames

Recently, eyeglasses have become the symbol of fashion, and Lenskart has played a crucial role. Everyone wants to wear eyeglasses to look fashionable but do you know that only buying eyeglasses is not enough to make you fashionable? Also, it would help if you considered other aspects like the face type and the frame that will fit your face type. And Lenskart has a wide range of frames available for you, but Vincent frames and computer glasses are in demand. The Vincent frame fits on your face and gives you a stunning look.

What Is Vincent Frame?

Vincent frames is eyewear offered by Lenskart, and they claim that Vincent Chase frames will give you an uncompromisable look. They have a wide range of Vincent frames that will help you experiment with the look. It is for men and women, and anyone can wear it.

Types of Frames

  • Fully Rimmed

According to the name, it is rimmed around the lenses and gives you a bold look. If you like the bold look or prefer multi-focal lenses, fully-rimmed glasses are for you. It is present in all material types and designs, and you can choose one of the best frames according to your face.

  • Rimless

Rimless means lenses not covered by any material on the circumference of lenses. But if you are a fan or have a minimal yet modern look, rimless frames are for you. Rimless lenses may need help finding a perfect pair that can only fit with some of the lenses, and you must be careful with using these frames.

  • Semi-Rimless

It lies between a fully-rimmed frame and a rimless frame. The lower part is rimless, and the upper part is rimmed. It brings minimalism and a bold look to your face. It is also lightweight but heavier than the rimless. It comes in different materials and fits with all the lenses.

  • Low Bridge Frame

Low bridge frames come in fully-rimmed, rimless, or semi-rimless. Its purpose is to make people comfortable with lower nose bridges who worry about eyewear getting misplaced, and it fits on the lower nose bridge and gives a fashionable look.

  • Wire Frame

You can achieve a stylish and minimal look by wearing wireframes. Either it will be rimmed or semi-rimmed, and metal is used for rimming. A narrow metal is used for rimming, making it simple yet stylish and lightweight.

How to Choose a Right Frame

A suitable frame that suits your face leaves a good impact, and how will I know about my face type? Do not worry. Lenskart presents you with the best AI to help you know about your face type and the best eyewear that will suit your face. Go to the Lenskart website or download the Lenskart app to know your face type. But if you want to know on your own, here are a few tips to help you find the best fit.

  • Round Face

If you have a round face, use a square or rectangular frame that will appear wider on your face and give you a perfect balance. Avoid using rounded and rimless frames, which will make your face even rounder.

  • Square Face

If you have a square face, consider using an oval or rounded frame that will suit your square face and doesn’t let your face look wider. Avoid using angular and boxy eyeglasses. It’ll make your face bulkier.

  • Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face means the forehead will be more expansive, and the chin will be narrow. A rounded or square frame with curved ages can hide the width of the forehead. Avoid using a frame that will make your forehead even wider.

  • Diamond Face

Diamond face means narrow forehead and narrow chin. The oval frame can help you to balance your chin. Avoid using a frame that will make your chin even wider, like a boxy or narrow frame.

  • Oval Face

An oval face means a more pointed chin, so avoid using a frame that will cover your face and make your chin more pointer.

Still, you are getting to the point of which frame I should use. We suggest you go to the Lenskart website or app and try Vincent frame and Vincent Chase round frames. Vincent frames have various frames, including Vincent Chase round frames that give you a minimal yet dashing look.

Benefits of Buying Frames From Lenskart

  • Easy, safe, and Comfortable Shopping

If you are buying a Vincent frame or any other frame from Lenskart, there is no need to go to the physical store. Download the Lenskart app or go to the Lenskart website and order the frame on the tip of your finger. Lenskart will deliver at your place.

  • AI Support

Lenskart helps you to find the perfect frame for your face with its AI. Technology has made things easy, and you can use it on Lenskart to get the perfect frame. You can try frames virtually and buy the best ones.

  • Customization

Lenskart will provide customized eyewear for you. You will choose the products, and Lenskart will deliver them.


The frame is a crucial part of eyewear and can make or break your look. Knowing your face type can help you find the best eyewear. If you are planning to buy eyewear, knowing what you want can help you enhance the look. If you need to learn about the frames, I hope you have found your answer. Lenskart’s Vincent frames are trending as they’ll give you a stunning look, so try this once.

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