How to Calculate the Cost of a Major Playground?


Major Playground provides a safe and fun environment for children. It uses a total payment system to make depositing cash easy and has merchandise available for sale, both for kids and adults. Before starting a major playground business, you should consider the target market and location. It is best to open the 메이저놀이터 near your target market and make sure that it is safe.

Cost of a major playground project

There are several factors to consider when calculating the cost of a major playground project. First, you must evaluate the condition of the site. If it’s not in good shape, you will need to remove the existing equipment. Then, you’ll need to prepare the area for the new playground. If the old equipment is still in good condition, you will have to recycle it or sell it as scrap. Finally, you must consider the safety of the equipment.

A high-end major playground project will typically include several medium and large play structures. The largest play structures may accommodate a hundred or more children, and they will often include multi-bay swing sets and other independent play events. In addition, top-line playgrounds will often be sectioned by age group. Furthermore, a top-line playground will also typically include shade. Shade sails, Hy par shade fabric, and other materials will add aesthetic appeal to the playground, as well as add to the marketing value.

Another consideration is phasing. If you plan to build a major playground in several phases, the cost can be split among multiple phases. For example, you could build phase one first with the budget you have available, and then build phase two when you raise more funds. This 메이저놀이터way, the community will have a chance to get involved, and you’ll be able to see what phase one looks like before it’s finished.

Playground Budget Cost Breakdown


Playground equipment is usually the largest line item on a playground budget. Consider high-quality products from a reputable manufacturer to ensure the playground will last decades, not years. A well-made playground system will account for 50-60% of your total budget.

Playground Installation

Approximately 20-35% of your playground budget will be spent on installation. It’s important to utilize certified installers to make sure the equipment is installed properly and according to national standards. You can save some money on this step by asking your playground provider to assist with a volunteer or community build. In this scenario, a certified installer is on-hand to train and assist volunteers.

Preparing the site

A good portion of the playground budget will be spent on getting the site ready for installation. If you are removing an old playground or require a lot of earth-moving or site grading, this can be a significant cost. You also need to budget for things like drainage, playground surfacing, landscaping, or fencing.

Shipping costs

Depending on your site, and its distance from the manufacturer, your shipping and freight costs can take up 5-15% of your budget. Talk with your playground planner about the cost of shipping early in the process so you can plan for it.

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