How Can You Remove Stickers from the Car Windshields Properly?


When it comes to vehicle decals, most people prefer installing high-quality car stickers on the windshield of their car. Not only for business purposes, but windshield stickers are also effective at boosting the overall appearance of the car. However, when placed incorrectly, the windshield stickers will disrupt the drivers from getting the proper view of the roads, which will undoubtedly cause fatal road accidents. This is why you always need to purchase high-quality windshield stickers and contact a professional while installing them.

If you’ve installed the windshield stickers improperly, you need to take proper steps to that you can remove them. Keep in mind windshield stickers or any other types of car decals that are placed on glass surfaces can be difficult to remove. Not to mention, they also might leave some residue behind if you follow an inappropriate removal process. Here are the methods that you need to know if you want to remove the windshield stickers without any problem.

Use Ammonia-Free Glass Clean to Clean the Glass 

Dirt and dust are capable of scratching the windshield glass beyond repair. This is why your primary step while removing the windshield decal is to remove them from the specific surface.

Consider using a glass cleaner and spray the area where the decal is applied. Make sure you always choose ammonia-free glass cleaner over other types of chemical products. This is because ammonia can damage the rubber around the windshield by making it dry. As per Medium, the fumes from the ammonia-based glass cleaner are harmful to health.

After spraying with the cleaner, you need to use a cloth or towel so that you can wipe down the area properly. The microfiber cloth will neither leave any fiber behind nor scratch the surface.

Peel the Decals with a Razor Blade 

After you’re done cleaning the glass, your next step is to use a razor blade so that you can start the separation process. Ensure that there is no rust or dings attached to the razor blade. If you fail to check this, you might end up scratching the glass surface.

You can also purchase a razor blade scraper so that you need to hold the handle instead the blade. You can also use the glass cleaner again so that you can use the razor blade over the windshield stickers easily.  Decrease the amount of residue by peeling and scraping the sticker at the same time. Make sure you don’t try to complete the process quickly. You need to move slowly so that you don’t damage the windshield. When you purchase high-quality windshield stickersyou will be able to remove them without any issue.

Remove the Sticker Residue

Make sure you also remove the sticker residue after removing the decal from the windshield. It’s extremely important to pay close attention to the residue removal process so that you can prevent dirt and debris from affecting or scratching the windshield.

You can consider using adhesive remover that will prove effective. Make sure you use the adhesive remover to cover the entire residue surface.


This is how you can remove stickers from car windshields easily. Do you want to buy car windshield stickers? You should consider checking our website.


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