How Can Beginners Master the Big Step Drill in Basketball

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Most beginner shooter basketball players often have difficulty getting the ball in the basket. This is because they still need to learn the proper technique and mechanics. But the proper technique is all about how you do the drill and not just what you do.

To become a better shooter, you must master the proper mechanics by practicing them repeatedly until they become second nature. This is called muscle memory and is key to becoming a better basketball player.

One of the best shooting drills for basketball that will improve your shooting mechanics is the Big Step Drill. This drill will help you get open shots and improve your shooting range by improving your footwork, balance, and form.

This article explores the big step drill, how to do it and why it is the best shooting drill for basketball beginners. Let’s go.

What is the Big Step Drill?

Proper footwork is the foundation of a good shooting form and one of the most important aspects of improving your shooting mechanics. The big step drill is a simple drill that will help you get open shots and improve your balance and body control.

It also helps to improve your off-hand dribbling skills by making you focus on not just moving forward with each step but also maintaining control of the ball while doing so.

Why You Should Do This Drill

As a beginner basketball player, one of the most vital lessons to learn early enough is how to move on the court. The Big Step Drill is a simple but effective way for beginners to get comfortable with basic footwork and movement patterns, which will help them better understand their body control and balance.

This is among the best individual shooting drills basketball that focuses on making baskets and how to do so with high efficiency. The drill helps you learn how to get your feet set and ready before you shoot, which will help you take better shots in the future.

How to Do the Big Step Drill

So, how do you execute the Big Step Drill? You can follow these steps:

Start on the top of the lane

The first step is to get in your shooting stance. You want to be balanced on both feet with your knees bent and your arms straight out in front of you (or slightly behind).

Then, take a big step off one foot by bringing that leg as far back as possible without losing balance or control. Next, push off from this leg and bring the other one forward so it lands outside where you started.

Keep your torso upright

Body posture is crucial to the success of this drill. You want to keep your body upright and balanced on both feet. If you lean forward, it will be harder to get back into your shooting stance and continue with the drill.

Use a mirror or have someone hold you accountable to ensure you stay balanced throughout the process. You can also use a basketball machine.

While this device isn’t human, it provides a consistent target for you to shoot at. The basketball machine will also help you improve your footwork and balance, which is crucial to make shots in a game situation consistently.

Don’t leave your hands behind

Your hands should not be behind your body when you shoot, as this will result in a push shot that does not go into the basket. Instead, keep your hands slightly in front of your body and ready to go up for the shot.

This will help you ensure that your shoulders are square with the hoop and that there is no twisting or turning involved in your shooting motion.

Maintain a good posture and align your feet toward the basket

We’re doubling down on an excellent posture, as without it, you cannot properly align your feet toward the basket. This can result in a shot that does not go in or goes off course and is missed entirely.

You want to be sure that your shoulders are square with the hoop and that you have good posture when you shoot, so practice standing up straight and see if this helps when taking shots in a game situation.


The big step drill is excellent for beginner basketball players as it is a great way to improve your shooting motion and accuracy with the ball. By practicing this drill, you will become more comfortable shooting, which can be very helpful when playing games. And remember that a shooting machine goes a long way toward helping you shoot more accurately, so if you can get one, it may be worth the investment.

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