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Australia is a country that has a high standard of living, and its people take pride in their healthcare system. It’s no wonder that many of the highest-paying jobs in the country are related to medicine or dentistry! Here are some of the most lucrative careers in Australia right now:


According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, there were 453 dentists in Australia as of 2017. The profession is expected to grow by 4.4% between 2016 and 2022, resulting in an additional 74 new jobs over this period.

Dentists are responsible for diagnosing, preventing, and treating oral diseases using a range of tools and techniques. They work with patients of all ages throughout their lives, from infancy through childhood and adulthood until old age; therefore, dentists need extensive knowledge about the human body as well as good interpersonal skills so they can communicate effectively with their patients.

This degree can only be undertaken at a university that provides both undergraduate (normally 5 years full-time) and postgraduate education programs leading toward a degree qualification such as a Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS). The academic requirements are very high, so you must have an excellent academic record before applying so you can be admitted into one of these universities.

Entry-level salaries vary depending on location but generally start around $70k per year depending on experience levels, which increase significantly after 10 years of experience working as a dentist ($90k+).


You work as a pharmacist to help patients and healthcare professionals with drug-related issues. They can also be found in hospitals and nursing homes, where they dispense medication to patients. They are specialists in the field of medicine that deals with the use of drugs and their effects on the human body.

Pharmacy technicians help pharmacists with tasks such as preparing medications for dispensing, ensuring stocks are kept up to date, and maintaining records of all prescriptions dispensed from their pharmacy. Pharmacy technicians usually assist more experienced pharmacists who have completed an apprenticeship or diploma course at TAFE or university level (distance education).

Legal Professionals

One of the most common legal professionals is an assault lawyer in Brisbane. They represent people who have been assaulted, harassed, or otherwise wronged. These lawyers can be involved in both civil and criminal cases, as well as provide expert testimony to help judges determine whether someone is guilty or not. You’ll likely find that many assault lawyers work long hours and may experience high stress levels because they’re dealing with emotionally-charged cases on a daily basis.

The city of Sydney has the highest concentration of legal professionals per capita among Australian cities, making it an ideal location for anyone looking to enter this industry (aside from maybe Melbourne).

Internal Medicine Specialist

Internal medicine specialists are medical doctor jobs who specialize in treating conditions that affect the internal organs. The specialty is divided into two subspecialties: gastroenterology and hepatology. The specialty is also known as general medicine or internal medicine.

If you’re interested in working with patients who have complex medical conditions, this could be a great career choice for you!

Chief Executive and Managing Director

The chief executive and managing director lead the business or organization. They are accountable for their performance and responsible for implementing strategies to meet their goals. These people typically have a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management and many years of experience within their field.

Chief executives can earn between $60,000 and $300,000 per year, depending on their role in the company. The average starting salary for a new chief executive is around $85,000 annually, while CEOs who have been working in the industry longer than 20 years can make well over $200,000 per year. There are also bonuses paid out at annual meetings based on how well the company did during that particular year; this is usually around 2% – 10% of base salary depending on how good it went financially speaking


Psychiatrists are medical doctors who diagnose and treat mental health conditions. They can prescribe medication and provide counseling, as well as provide expert witness testimony in court. Psychiatrists can work in private practice, hospitals, or community health centers.

  • Average salary: $204,739
  • Required education: Doctorate of Medicine (MD)

Other Medical Practioner

You may have heard of medical practitioners and wondered what exactly they do. Well, other medical practitioners include physiotherapists, podiatrists, dietitians, speech pathologists, and Orthodontics in Cabramatta.

All of these professions require a degree in medicine and have completed a postgraduate training program before becoming eligible to work in the field (which can take anywhere between three to six years). Other medical practitioners can also work in private practice or hospitals.

Mining Engineer

As a mining engineer, you can expect to earn an annual salary of $162,000; the key skills and experience required for this position include:

  • A bachelor’s degree in engineering or physical science with a focus on mining or geology.
  • Expertise in computer programming languages such as MATLAB, Python, and Fortran.
  • Experience using numerical software packages such as MINEX and AVAILABLE to make predictions about future mining activities based on current data setsใ

Engineering Manager

As an engineering manager, your job is to oversee the activities of an organization’s engineers and technical staff. You are responsible for planning, organizing, and directing the work of engineers and technical staff to ensure that they complete their tasks effectively. This includes providing technical guidance on projects at all levels within an organization.

You should have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or civil engineering and at least 10 years of experience working as an engineer or manager in one of these fields before applying for this position.

The median annual wage for engineering Managers: is $124,980.

Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers are responsible for the exploration, extraction, processing, and distribution of oil and gas throughout Australia.

They typically work in remote locations; therefore, they must have excellent leadership skills to manage teams of people in harsh environments.

There are many different specializations within this career path, such as reservoir engineering, drilling engineering, or process engineering.

Petroleum engineers earn a median salary of $108,000 per year, with an expected increase of 2% by 2022; however, this varies depending on location due to cost of living differences across Australia.

The number one place for jobs is Western Australia, but there are also opportunities available in New South Wales and Victoria too!

Medical Oncologist

  • Medical Oncologists are doctors who diagnose, treat, and research cancer.
  • They work in hospitals and private practices, and may also be involved in clinical research.
  • Medical Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with the study, diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancer.

Some of the highest-paying jobs in Australia are in healthcare.

One of the most important industries in Australia is healthcare, and it’s growing. With millions of aging citizens and a rising population, healthcare jobs are projected to increase by over one million by 2022. In particular, nursing is a booming field with high demand for skilled professionals. Nurses can expect average salaries of around $56,000 per year (and above $100K if they’re senior nurses). Medical practitioners—doctors like general practitioners or specialists such as cardiologists—make even more: an average salary ranging from $177,00 to $212,00 annually. Many other healthcare careers pay well: dentists earn an average yearly income of about $211K (or more than $340K if you’re a dentist working in private practice), optometrists earn approximately $104K per year on average, pharmacists make nearly double that amount at around $220K per year (if they work in specialty areas such as clinical research or pharmaceutical development), and veterinarians earn between $52K-$170K each year depending on their level of expertise.


The highest paying career in Australia is mostly related to the medical field. This field attracts a lot of people because it offers better pay and benefits than most other careers. There are also many opportunities for advancement as well as job security, which is why many people choose these careers over others.

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