5 Easy Steps To Transform Your One-Man Band Venture Into A Global Business

Global Business

With job losses and redundancies at an all time high as a results of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people than ever have taken the chance to venture out on their own.

But – with everyone within the same boat, what proportion are you standing out against the competition? Whether you’re going it completely alone or are a part of alittle team effort – there are easy belongings you can do to urge yourselves seen and heard by a wider audience, and today we’re taking you thru just five simple ways to try to to just that.

Yes – becoming known on a worldwide scale is that this easy . . .

So, you’ve got your social media accounts, your shiny new website and your posting schedule is at the highest of its game – great! But does one have a phone number?

We bet you don’t – but here’s why you ought to change that, and fast!

Telephone numbers are the primary point of contact between you and your customers. Of course, your customers can comment, message and chat with you over on your site or socials but that element of private touch and professionalism can’t really be captured within the same way.

And whilst telephone numbers and phone calls are often viewed to be “old-fashioned” and outdated, the very fact is that NOT having a contact number will more often than not function a red flag for potential customers.

So, whether you’re under the impression that a phone number makes no sense or you’ve been putting it off because you’re unsure the way to set about it – by following these five easy steps, you’ll open yourself up to an entire new audience.

Step 1: Find your ideal toll-free number service provider

You may not have heard the term ‘toll-free number’ but we bet you’ve encounter them, probably even on a day to day . the probabilities are you’ve even phoned one yourself!

Toll-free numbers are really recognisable, which is a component of their appeal for businesses looking to enhance their bottom line. an excellent example is that the 0800 numbers you’ll have seen related to an enormous range of massive brand names.

But in 2021 – these liberal to call numbers are not any longer just reserved for the large companies, and anyone can get one for his or her business. The trick is finding the proper provider which will support you in getting setup and for the duration of some time using their service.

One of the toll-free number providers is G-Tele and for more information about how toll-free numbers work, you’ll visit their site.

Step 2: Pick the proper toll-free service for your business type

Do you want customers to be ready to call you for free? in fact , it’s an excellent thanks to open yourself up to new custom and helps to reassure your customers that you simply WANT to listen to from them.

But what else does one want your toll-free number to do?

Whether it’s a texting function, a voicemail greeting or something else – ensuring the toll-free number you choose has the required services to assist your business go global is crucial.

Step 3: Pick your memorable number

The point of your toll-free number is to be easily memorised and recognisable, so it’s important that the one you choose isn’t overly complicated or confusing.

Next, make it easy to spell – You’d be surprised what percentage people hesitate over phone numbers once they need to spell it out. Remember, you would possibly be calling internationally, so choose variety which will be easily converted into another language.

Third, consider extensions – we all know the essential format of phone numbers are often a touch boring, but adding an extension can make your number tons more exciting and easier to use over the phone.

Step 4: Implement your new number into your marketing

So, you’re all setup and your new toll-free number is prepared to be rang? Now it’s time to urge it out there! Adding your number into your social posts, website, calls to action and anywhere else you’ll may be a good way to let your customers new and old know that you’re there for them.

Remember – these sorts of numbers are widely recognised as liberal to call, therefore the more you get yours out into the planet , the higher your reputation are going to be as your brand grows.

Step 5: Go global!

Other than offering a far better level of customer service and giving your company a more professional look and feel – a toll-free number means you’ll be contacted, and get in touch with , from anywhere and your customers are going to be none-the-wiser.

So albeit you’re performing from your bedroom, having a toll-free number gives the impression that you’re far more established and a part of a way bigger team. this is often great for your rep and an excellent thanks to expand your customer base dramatically!


A lot of recent and new companies focus an excessive amount of on social media, without even realizing that tons of individuals just don’t use these. albeit they are doing , they don’t search for businesses and services there. While having your social media found out is desirable, you would like to possess a toll-free telephone number .

This will assist you get in-tuned with customers who wish to call and easily ask a couple of questions and it’ll make your business look far more serious. Hiring a couple of people that are getting to be a neighborhood of your customer support simply changes everything. regardless of what you’re selling – services or products – someone, somewhere will have an issue for you or just encounter something they don’t like and they’ll call to inform you about it.

Therefore, you’ll improve your services by receiving feedback over the phone, while they get the eye they deserve.

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