Free Movie Sites IndXXI, Layarkaca21, up to LK21, Pirated Watch Options

JAKARTA – There are more and more options to watch IndXXI for free besides the latest IndoXXI , Layarkaca 21, and LK21 which are now sought after by entertainment connoisseurs in the country. IndXXI is an alternative to free movie sites in addition to dozens of other unofficial websites.

The films that are presented on the free movie site are also of various kinds with fairly sharp image quality.

There is always a way to link the latest unofficial free movie sites 2021 to attract fans to certain sites that replace IndoXXI and LK21 .

Here’s the link to the free movie site most sought after by free and illegal movie fans. In addition, the collection on this online free movie link site is quite complete, and has a pretty good picture quality.

1. IndXXI

This site called IndXXI or is different from  other online movie watching sites  , IndXXI can be accessed in two ways. Via IP  link  or via accessing the “” site.

The appearance of the site is very similar to IndoXXI and LayarKaca21. Lots of ads that appear on  banners  and  pop-ups .


2. Multiplex21

The next free movie site is Multiplex21. In appearance, the main page of this site is made similar to the legendary streaming site that has “farewell”, IndoXXI .

Seen this site presents the latest films including box office films. The collection of films is also quite large from various genres. Starting from Action, Drama, Horror, Comedy, Science Fiction, Crime, Adventure, Romance, and others.


3. Movie Kiosk 21

Next is Kios Film 21, this free movie site does not sell movies or TV series, but provides   free movie streaming that users can enjoy.

You can watch various genres of films through this online watching site. Starting from  Action , drama,  science  fiction , fantasy,  mystery ,  horror, thriller, crime, romance , and  comedy .


4. Movieon21

Next up is Movieon21. This web streaming movie seems to present complete and latest movies with fairly good quality. Various movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, China, to Japan are available on  this free online movie watching site  .

The picture quality of movies is seen in HDRip, Web-DL, up to BluRay 720p and 1080p models.


5. lay down

Another free movie link name is Rebahin. If you look at the name, the creator of this site is believed to be inspired by the current situation which requires people to work from home.

But what’s in a name, because what matters to the creators of this site is a collection of movies that can be watched for free? This site has a pretty lively appearance. Similar to IndoXXI and LK21 when they were still around.


6. Layarkaca21

Its name is similar to the famous Layarkaca21. We don’t know if the owners of this site are the same or just use the same name.

What is clear, this site writes that they are the same as the Dunia21 site. But what is the meaning of a name for sites like this is not it. To be sure, you can watch the films they serve.

However, this new version of Layarkaca21 does not provide a download option So, you can only watch the stream  with  subtitles .



The next free movie link site is Filmapik. This site is included in our recommendations as a  free online movie watching site  in 2020, because it is seen as having quite a large collection.

In terms of appearance, it is quite simple, and there are not many annoying ads on the main page or before accessing the movie you want to watch. In addition, the quality of the films and  subtitles  provided is also good with a minimum of HD.


8. FriendsFilm21

Another popular free online streaming site  is KawanFilm21. This site seems to provide a large collection of films, such as western films, Korean dramas, Asis films and so on.

You can watch many of the latest films and series from various genres through the KawanFilm21 website. However, this site is full of advertisements, which may be a little inconvenient.


9. Film Ambassador 21

The free film site Duta Film 21 (formerly called Nonton Seru 24) has a display that reminds us of the IndoXXI site or LayarKaca21. It looks quite “crowded” with a list of movies and ads that appear in  banners  and  pop-ups .

There is also a  rating for  each film shown, complete with available quality. Talking about the quality of the film, Duta Film 21 displays films with minimal HDRip quality, replacing IndoXXI and LK21 .


10. Film Studio 21

Another movie streaming site that you can visit to watch the latest movies is Studio Film 21. This free movie website provides a complete and up-to-date collection of replacements for IndoXXI and LK21 .

You can watch various films from various genres through this movie watching website. All available films also contain Indonesian subtitles to provide the best viewing experience for you.


11. Cool Movies21

Next FilmKeren21 which looks to have a collection of Asian films. Such as Korean Drama, TV Series, Western Series, Indonesian Subtitled semi films,

The collection of films on the online cinema web is quite a lot, and is the best searched films that are presented for free.

For those of you who can’t wait to watch the movie you want, you can directly access the link below.

LINK MovieKeren21

12. Movindo21

The next free movie streaming site is Movindo21. This online movie watching site has a simple appearance, and is relatively clean of annoying pop-up ads   .

The online film site Cineplex21 provides a variety of film genres such as Action, Adventure, Animation,  Comedy, Crime , Drama, Mystery, Science Fiction, etc. The collection of films is quite large. Both new and old movies.


Interestingly, on the web for watching streaming films, some of the  latest box office films  are still showing in theaters.

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