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Communication is the set of different measures individuals use to pass on messages. It comprises different ways used for the propagation of information. The transmission of a message from one individual to another should have a proper medium and methodology to ensure effective communication. Students write essays for academics while studying in universities; these essays aim to analyse whether they can articulate the knowledge attained during their studies. They often search for university essay writing services to improve their communication skills.   

Types of communication

Any form of communication comprises a network of a sender, receiver, and communication medium. This communication medium should be carefully chosen to ensure the communication is effective and efficient. Here are different types of communication.

  • Verbal Communication: This form of communication comprises one-on-one communication. Radio is a frequent medium used by an individual to a large audience. Telephones are also used to communicate over long distances.
  • Non-Verbal Communications: They comprise gestures such as body language and how individual dresses or acts around a particular area. Sign language and the use of gesture is one of the most common forms of communication.
  • Visual forms of communication such as charts and graphs communicate various forms of quantitative data to the public.
  • Written Communication:  This form of communication transmits data via a written medium such as text, letters or essays.

Barriers to effective communication

Whether it is personal or professional matters, for one to achieve success, they need to have effective communication techniques; communication errors can cost large amounts of money to corporations and could affect the interpersonal relations of an individual. Some of the common barriers in communication are:

  • The inadequate channel used for communication
  • The linguistic differences would lead to ineffective communication
  • If communication is done without any relevant context, it could lead to the wrong interpretation of messages between the sender and receiver
  • The wrong timing of communication would lead to ineffective communication

These communication barriers can be overcome by using the following measures:

  • Reviewing and analysing the communication channels before transmitting messages
  • Choosing effective channels to ensure proper communication
  • Using the popular communication channels to ensure effective communication

Communication issues faced by students

Students often face various communication issues during their academics. One of the most common issues they face is when they write SOP. The Statement of Purpose or SOP is a lengthy essay the student needs to write to justify their admission. It comprises all the students’ credentials and their interests, and how they are a good fit for their university. Due to high competition for admission among students, they often become the deciding factor for students’ admission. A poorly written SOP could cost a year of preparation for the student. Many essay writing services are available online that help the students write a quality SOP, many of them claim to be the best SOP writing service available for students. Students can use the services of these organisations can become good communicators. Feel free to connect with the best essay writing service providers to get help.

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