Download issues at krnl

  1. Make sure Windows 10 is 64-bit.
    • With your eyes and four brain cells, you can visual inspect the desktop environment, icons, and start menu. Next, you can compare these images with screen shots online.
    • Windows 10 will display a suggestion asking “Is it 32bit or 64bit?” “
    • Click the image to view the operating system architecture.


Make sure you have the VC Redists

  1. Go to Windows 10’s “Add or Remove Programs” section.
  2. Next, look for Visual C++ Retributable
  3. Visual 2015-2019 x64 and x86 are just two examples of programs that will be displayed.
  4. Verify that the.NET package is installed
    1. Run main krnl.
    2. Windows will ask if the.NET framework is missing.
    3. If prompted, click yes.
  5. Verify that Roblox’s web client is installed/install it.
    1. Uninstall Roblox from your computer.
    2. Download the Roblox web version from this website. The link can be found in the Requirements section.

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Download KRNL

KRNL is Roblox’s best exploit script.

Antivirus prevents downloading/running KRNL

This is how it happens

  • Because Roblox exploits have a nature that is similar to viruses, antiviruses frequently mistake them for viruses. Roblox exploits allow you to run Lua code (scripts) in Roblox.
  • But here’s the catch. DLL injection can also be used to cheat games. This is why antivirus programs will often call most exploits such as Cryptinject.msr trojan.
  • Some might ask, “But then, how can you prove that Krnl isn’t malware?” Krnl puts safety and trust first. Roblox is infected with the Krnl.dll dll. Other than the dll Krnl client is completely unobfuscated/unprotected. The code of the Krnl bootstrapper as well as the code itself can be read using a.NET editor such dnSpy and DotPeek, or even a simple text editor such notepad for node js bootstrapper. You can view the code running the Krnl client, this is a yes. These are links to the source code for the bootstrapper as well as the main executable files.




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