Do You Need to Stick to The Hard Lines of Minimalism?

Minimalistic interiors

Minimalistic interiors have been a hit with people for their crispness. And ability to cater to daily needs without requiring any frills or compromising with aesthetic value. The concept gained tremendous popularity as the square footage started shrinking. If you ask when this trend started, it may not be possible to mention any specific date or time. However, most believe that this brainchild belongs to the post-World War II period. It didn’t take long to become a part of one’s lifestyle, art, and everything else. Anyway, every original trend evolves, abandoning some and acquiring other qualities that best suit the current needs of the people.

More precisely, homes tend to be a person’s comfort zone, where they seek solace away from the dins of the world outside. So it is not a surprise to expect a few remarkable shifts in this interior design concept. For example, everyone knows that minimalism has always inspired people to use sleek and sharp corners or lines. While it may need some more time to deviate entirely from this basic design rule, modern homes infuse their decors with soft edges to remove the coldness or bareness of the straight lines and make the atmosphere a bit more comfortable Minimalistic interiors.

If you like the apron front sink but wonder whether it will be the right decision for your minimalistic theme, you don’t have to worry about this anymore. Installing a deep kitchen sink with protruded front can be a modern take on the old-school minimalist style. It is just one idea. There are multiple ways to introduce curves or soft edges in the minimalistic décor without going too far. Let’s delve into them at once.

Ideas for minimalist decor

Sculptural lighting fixture

Picture your dining area in a neutral hue of grey, with a big round window with black rims on its opposite end. The frosted glass keeps up the promise of safeguarding your privacy while treating you to some of the most tasteful views of nature in the form of distorted morning dews Minimalistic interiors and spring greens. While you enjoy this interaction with the outside world through the window, sculptural light over the table remains a silent witness to your rendezvous. However, onlookers can feel mesmerized by its presence and appreciate your taste. Whether you keep the light off or on, nothing can stop it from adding its charm to the whole vista.

Arched patio doors

Of course, the pretty choices work their magic even in their most typical form. Most doors follow straight lines, giving a boxy feel to the area something to offer to visitors. But you don’t have to stick to the usual option when you can leverage curves here also Minimalistic interiors. Get arched doors for the region that leads to the patio and swimming pool. When the doors open, the view from inside can be soul-satisfying and refreshing. You will want to step out and rejoice. You can also install such door designs in other places, such as the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc. It will be a simple but creative touch to the space.

Oversized rugs

When you shop for rugs, the common choice in terms of shape tends to be rectangular. It’s an efficient form, no doubt. However, replace this usual choice with a softer form of circular or round rugs. You can place furniture of a different geometric style to create a functional and visually appealing layer without occupying more space than what had gone into even under a typical shaped carpet.

Benefits of adding curves to the straight lines

There doesn’t have to be a doubt that the concept of minimalism is here for a reason. But tweaking this design idea to comply with modern needs is not harmful unless you far cross the line of what is right and to what extent. If curves don’t disrupt the clutter-free and peaceful atmosphere of the house lent by straight lines, one doesn’t have to feel guilty. Sometimes, things get too formal because of the crisp and stark designs. However, curves help break that sense of coldness, breathing fresh energy and an undefined peace into the place. If you don’t believe it, switch up your boxy couches with circular-style sofas and chairs. You will be able to see the difference in the energy of the space.

Curvy Designs

Studies also suggest that curvy shapes do away with the downsides of hard-lined furniture by introducing a sense of relaxation and hope. Then, certain changes can be logical. You cannot expect every idea to be full-proof after all. To be precise, furniture with straight lines doesn’t allow an easy flow of conversations. People can have a difficult time interacting with others sitting on the other end of the sofa with a linear format. But curvy shapes eliminate this discomfort, giving everyone a good view of others in the room. They don’t have to adjust themselves whenever someone else breaks into a conversation.

Curvy designs tend to be flexible in terms of creativity as they can blend well with most other geometrical shapes to create an interesting visual. For example, add a geometric print carpet under your C-shaped sectionals or cover the wall behind your sofa with wallpaper bearing such print. Even a choice of lighting fixture can be a differentiator. So, it can be a smart move to do something unique with the old décor.

Some changes don’t require the involvement of a designer. You can experiment with sofas and rugs in the starting. You can introduce more elements as you feel confident about the connection between the impact and your intent. Make sure you don’t get carried away, though. The excitement of doing a unique thing can overwhelm you to the point where you end up disrupting your basic interior theme. Hence, it is crucial to be careful and watch your steps. You don’t have to make over everything everywhere in an attempt to breathe fresh energy into an old theme. Just choose a place and apply your ideas to taste the little success that comes your way with every simple but powerful design tweak.




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