Designing a safe playground


A 안전놀이터incorporates safety features into its design. These features include a Guardrail, a Non-rigid component, and Protective surfacing. Play world can help you safely design your playground. To get a quote, contact us. We can walk you through the design process, including the elements that should be included.

Protective surfacing for playground equipment

Protective surfacing on playground equipment can reduce injuries, especially those resulting from falls. Children can suffer a variety of injuries resulting from falls, including severe head injuries. Fortunately, protective surfaces are not a complete solution, and they will not eliminate all risks. However, they can significantly reduce the severity of these injuries.

Protective surfacing should match the design of the playground and be soft enough to cushion the impact of a child’s fall. Softer surfaces can also improve accessibility for people with mobility problems. Playground surfaces can also promote sensory development. For example, adding rubber tiles around areas that see lots of traffic can help encourage children to explore different areas of the playground. You can also consider placing EWF underneath high decks and adjacent open spaces.


A playground railing is an important safety feature. It protects children from falling through openings, which can lead to serious injuries. They also prevent children from wandering away from the play area or into the hands of strangers. There are various types of playground rails, including the Palisade, Meshed Panel, and Bow Top Railing.

A guardrail must be at least 36 inches high on walking surfaces, such as stairs and other elevated structures. The guardrail should also include intermediate rails or balusters to separate the spaces between the rail and the ground. In addition, the bottom guardrail should be at least nine inches high.


Infill is an important element in a 안전놀이터. It anchors the equipment to the ground and prevents falls from elevated platforms. It also prevents a child from slipping through a barrier. The infill can be in the form of wood chips, sand, or even shredded rubber. This material is inexpensive and non-degradable. Aside from its safety benefits, rubber infill can also be recycled.

Synthetic turf systems, such as SYNLawn Playground Systems, feature an antimicrobial infill that protects children from harmful germs and odors. These turf systems are ideal for city parks, backyards, and schools. These systems are non-toxic, ADA-compliant, and IPEMA-certified.

Age-appropriate design

A playground design that caters to the ages of the children using it is essential. It provides space for kids to play safely and to improve physical and social skills. Choosing equipment for each age group is also important, because some kids may not be physically mature enough to play with more complex equipment, while others may not be ready to play socially. By choosing age-appropriate playground equipment, you can help minimize the frustration that kids may experience.

Age-appropriate safety playground design includes the use of natural elements in the design. These elements encourage free play and encourage children to take risks, which is important for the development of a child’s self-esteem. One study from the University of Tennessee found that children behaved differently on a traditional playground design compared to one that included natural elements. While traditional playground elements are meant to be used in a specific way, natural elements allow children to use them in a way that is uniquely theirs.

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