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The fate of future relationships depends on the first date. Knowing the rules of behavior of a woman with a man at the beginning of an acquaintance, you can correctly build communication that will help to interest him and increase the chances of a next meeting. Below are some basic dating tips for women.

First date: topics for conversation and demeanor

The main task of the first meeting is to get to know each other, look at the behavior of a person, and, of course, show yourself. And also to determine whether it is worth continuing the acquaintance.

How to interest a man?

To create a pleasant impression of yourself in any situation is the natural need of any woman, which can be satisfied using the advice of psychologists:

  • “Meet by clothes …”. Appearance should not be bright or nondescript. The main goal is to attract the attention of one guy, not all passers-by.
  • “With a smile for life.” People are drawn to positive people who are friendly. The smile should be natural and easy – forcibly stretched lips give the impression of compulsion, unwillingness to communicate.
  • “Give compliments.” Everyone loves to be praised, so it’s best to start communication with a compliment (after the greeting, of course).
  • “Get on time for your first date!” Waiting is tiring, especially for guys who can’t wait.

These rules of behavior of a woman with a man at the beginning of an acquaintance are the basis of communication. The key to further relationships is an interesting conversation.

The art of proper communication

The man, positively evaluating the appearance of the interlocutor, proceeds to the siege of the “fortress”. It is important for him to teach himself from a favorable side, to prove that he is worthy of choice. The main thing here is not to interfere.

The rules of productive communication will help to adhere to this principle:

  • Wait for the guy to start the conversation.
  • Give smiles and positive emotions during communication.
  • Maintain a friendly, calm tone of conversation. If you set yourself up in advance that the date will turn out to be the best, then a positive attitude will be natural.
  • Make contact with the interlocutor. Shyness and familiarity repel the interlocutor whom he recently met.
  • Keep the mystery: somewhere to get away from the answer or intrigue. When answering, make a short pause (10-15 seconds), then answer. Thinking girls are rare.
  • Less talking, more listening. Everyone loves to talk about themselves. Such is the selfish nature of man. Enthusiastically listening to the interlocutor, you can achieve his loyalty, interest.
  • Otherwise, the beginning of the relationship will go to its logical conclusion at the stage of acquaintance.
  • Before the meeting, turn off the sound of the phone to enjoy a pleasant pastime without interference.
  • No need to turn an easy conversation into an interrogation. The interlocutor should be carefully listened to, if something is not clear – unobtrusively clarify, without interrupting.

If you manage to create a comfortable, easy communication for a man that allows him to feel special, then the chances of the next date will increase significantly! Find more information here.

Representatives of the opposite sex pay attention to how the girl dresses, speaks, and behaves. Therefore, it is important to know the rules of behavior of a woman with a man at the beginning of an acquaintance in order to increase the chances of success:

  • speak calmly, without shouting, without using obscene words;
  • be polite, thank for signs of attention;
  • do not rush, as if eternity is ahead, this inspires confidence, a feeling of relaxation in the interlocutor.

The use of psychological tricks during dialogue contributes to the development of interest:

If you call a counterpart by name several times, he will become more friendly. At the same time, it is important to address him as he introduced himself, no diminutive and other derivative forms should sound in speech. This can be annoying.

You can express interest in the interlocutor and involvement in the conversation with the help of visual contact. This will help you settle in. You do not need to look at a man directly without blinking: such a look is perceived as a challenge.

To get a detailed answer, if the man did not answer or answered briefly, it is enough to look into his eyes, maintaining a short pause. If he doesn’t answer, it means he doesn’t want to talk about it.

Active listening will help to avoid misunderstandings, ambiguities: first listen, nodding in response, then paraphrase, repeat what was said: “Did I understand correctly: …?”.

If a young man is tired of talking, has begun to think in a negative way, you can ask him for a small favor. For example, give a napkin, a pen. When people help, they flourish in the halo of their glory. Men are the rule rather than the exception.

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