Cleanse vs Detox: What Are the Differences?

Cleanse vs Detox

An estimated 45 million Americans try going on a diet every year. Among the types of diets that people try are cleanses and detoxes.

While the two terms are often used interchangeably, cleanses and detoxes aren’t quite the same thing. Both work to improve the functioning of the body and its organs but they do so in different ways.

In this cleansing guide, we’ll look at the major differences between these two diets and help you understand the cleanse vs detox debate.

What Is a Cleanse?

A cleanse is a diet and program in which someone will eat healthy and “clean” foods in order to improve the digestive health of the body. A cleanse consists of eating primarily whole and minimally-processed foods while avoiding foods that are processed or have harmful chemicals.

The diet is focused on improving the gut rather than the whole body. Cleanses can also be focused on cleansing the colon.

A cleanse usually lasts for a very short time frame which will typically be a week or less. However, some cleanses may last as long as a month or more.

A cleanse aims to improve the digestive system and give it a rest while eliminating bloating and bowel-related issues.

What Is a Detox?

A detox is a diet and program in which a person will not only eat clean and healthy but will also work to remove toxins and harmful substances from the body.

A detox will focus on the entire body rather than on just the gut and aims to get rid of toxins. A goal may also be to support the liver as well. Detoxes usually last for at least a week and tend to be longer in length than cleanses.

Detoxes are done for many reasons. This could be due to contact with chemicals and toxins or due to addictions to drugs or alcohol. A detox may help to manage symptoms of withdrawal.

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In addition to changing eating habits, a detox may include fasting, taking natural herbs, juicing, or supporting the body through nutrition. It could include taking anti-inflammatory foods such as leafy greens, nuts, and seeds as well as taking other supplements that support the detoxification process.

What Are the Differences?

So what is the difference between a detox and cleanse? While cleanses and detoxes are both diet programs that aim to support the body, they aren’t quite the same.

A cleanse is more focused on supporting gut health while detox is more focused on the entire body. A cleanse will support drainage in the body and allow the body to handle its natural processes more effectively.

A detox will be focused on removing toxins from cells and tissues in the whole body. Instead of simply supporting natural processes, it will make use of supplements and dietary changes.

Both a detox and a cleanse can work well together. Generally, it’s best to do a cleanse before a detox. This will be the most effective at improving the function of the body and eliminating toxins.

Settling the Cleanse Vs Detox Debate

If you’re trying to stand the difference between a cleanse vs detox, be sure to consider the information above. While these diets are similar, they have some big differences as well.

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