Cleaning Super Deck Composite Decking

Super Deck Composite Decking

Super Deck Composite decking is renowned for requiring little upkeep. This is in part because of the capstock’s durable layer, which also guarantees that the colour will remain the same over time!

Nevertheless, due to airborne dust and shoe debris, any deck could become soiled. Here are some simple yet thorough cleaning instructions for Super Deck composite decking as needed!

What you’ll need:

  • Soap water or any type of floor cleaner
  • Water-filled basket
  • Short brushes with supple hair
  • Long brushes with supple hair
  • A hose pipe or high-pressure jet washer with a maximum pressure of 2200 psi can connect to the water tap
  • Carpet mop


  • Take out the dirt
  • In a bucket of warm water, combine dishwashing soap.
  • Use the long, soft-bristled brush to apply this directly to the deck. In order to remove dirt and debris from the textured surface of the deck, it is advisable to brush the deck surface in the direction of the board’s grain.
  • Use the short-bristled brush, again going with the grain of the decking, if you come across hard dirt (including more “sticky” soil types).

Cleaning the deck

Rinse your deck at high pressure. Apply the jet wash nozzle no closer than 250mm from the deck boards’ surface, and don’t set your jet pressure higher than 2200 psi.

Spray the water continuously until all dirt and soap suds are gone.

To hasten the drying process, mop the decks to remove any wetness.

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