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Young people nowadays only focus on themselves and their careers. They have become much more self-centred. On the other hand, the misery of the people has no end. There are many people who are physically disabled. With the growing inflation, it has become tough for them to end the day’s meet. Chetan Rana is one of the rare personalities who come forward and bring some real good to mankind. He is a social worker based in Delhi who is working continuously for the upliftment of the life of people from lower strata of society.

Chetan Rana is well known for his initiative in the philanthropic field. Since his childhood, he has had only one dream – to help others. After growing up, he has not moved on from his dream. Even after establishing himself as a successful professional, he continues his endeavour to help others and does charitable works as much as possible. Chetan Rana is one of the most promising youth icons in today’s time. In India, you will rarely find any young man who is so selfless and dedicated to needy people.

The people of his locality, whenever in need, they look for his help. There are so many things that they need all through the month. To resolve this issue. He organizes camps for different activities in the slum and village areas of Delhi NCR. He visits those areas by himself and tries to find out what necessities they have. He patiently listens to everyone and gets the solution as soon as possible. For example, if any area has drainage and sanitization problem; then he himself looks into the matter. He makes all the effort to reach the concerned government department to that. If they are not available on an immediate basis, he allots a team to complete the task as soon as possible. Everything happens under his supervision.

He takes responsibility for many young people of those localities. He has built small teams of local young people. He dedicated responsibilities to them. He also trained them to meet emergencies immediately. It is not only a great help for the local people but also for the young people who get direction and encouragement to live a positive life.

Chetan Rana is not only a social worker, he is also a youth icon. He inspires the local people to make some great initiatives to make some positive things. There are many good things that have been done in the community by the teams created by Mr. Rana. So, we can say that Chetan Rana has made many differences with his work and his enthusiasm.

This great personality was born in Bulandshahr, a small town in Uttar Pradesh. His father was a farmer and his mother was a social worker. After completing his network engineering course he joined an IT company. He left his job at the peak point of success and started his own venture. He dedicates his life to the well-being of the poor people around him.

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