CBD cream: Should You Use CBD Cream For Your Pets?

CBD cream

The large-scale popularity and widespread use of CBD can be attributed to its extensive medicinal properties. CBD cream relieves people suffering from eczema, psoriasis, inflammation, and arthritis. But is CBD cream safe and effective for our pet friends? We will learn more about it in this article.

CBD (or cannabidiol) is a compound found in the cannabis or hemp plant.

But fortunately (or unfortunately), it is not the compound that causes ‘high.’ The psychoactive component in marijuana is called THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

Epidiolex, a drug used for treating epilepsy, is the only FDA-approved drug on the market comprising CBD. Though other researches suggest the efficacy of CBD medicines against diseases such as Parkinson’s, anxiety, and schizophrenia, these researches are limited in scope and number and yet to receive governmental approval.

With pets, research is even sparser even though the market floods with CBD pet products. CBD products are available as oil, food, cream, capsule, and solution. CBD creams commonly help treat dry fleece, arthritic pain, dry and itchy skin, etc.

Recommendation of Vets

CBD cream

Most state laws prohibit veterinarians from discussing CBD products, let alone prescribing one.

Though there are bills in progress that attempt to accept and incorporate the newfound knowledge about cannabis, there is still time before it comes through. Only the California state permits veterinarians to discuss the use of cannabis on pets. While in other states, they risk losing their license or facing penalties for doing the same.

When we spoke to some veterinarians on your behalf, most of them mentioned that it is quite early to give a verdict about CBD.

Though we might understand which form of intake works best when using CBD, a professor at Colorado State University College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences ran some preliminary tests to understand the pharmacokinetic profile of CBD cream, capsule, and oil in dogs. The pharmacokinetic profile involves the study of drug absorption, metabolization, and excretion.

Though she voiced that the results were preliminary, the test showed that it resulted in the highest concentration and absorption when administered with oil. She mentioned that oil works more consistently than any other form of intake. While CBD cream performed inconsistently, making it difficult to draw any solid conclusions.

Research and Study

A large number of researches are taking place to study the impact of CBD on animals. Though, these are still in the preliminary stages. And, it will be long before the complete scope of CBD cream and products is gauged. And even longer before the government recognizes, approves, and controls these products.

study conducted by McGrath revealed that CDB administered with epilepsy medicines reduces consecutive seizures.

Extensive studies are being conducted by researchers worldwide to understand the efficacy of CBD. Currently, it is known for treating osteoarthritis, epilepsy, and post-operative pain in cats and dogs. This is primarily being tested for these specific diseases in cats and dogs because of two reasons. First, CBD is similarly metabolized by cats and dogs as humans, i.e., through their liver. Since CBD is effective in treating such diseases in humans, the same might take place in animals. Secondly, lack of options in medicines for treating such diseases in animals, and CBD products offer a solution.

When using CBD cream or any other CBD product, look for a COA (certificate of analysis) on the product website. These third-party analyses help reveal whether the product is as effective as advertised and check for potential toxins.

How to use CBD cream?

CBD cream is used for localized external applications. For instance, when dealing with itchy or dry skin, a layer of CBD cream is smeared on the affected skin or massaged into the fleece, respectively.

The direction of the usage of the product is specified on the product label. Though, it has been observed that some brands do not label their products accurately. THC, or the psychoactive component of cannabis, has been found above specified limits in some CBD creams and other products.

When trying out a new product, start with a smaller dosage and observe your pet’s symptoms. If your pet starts exhibiting any side effects or existing symptoms exacerbate, discontinue the use of the product and consult your vet immediately.


The CBD creams are available in the market to help with improving fur texture, reducing arthritic pain, soothing itchy skin, and relieving pain in muscle or bone. CBD oil over CBD cream, so if you have a preferred product, look for an oil alternative to improve efficacy. Many pet caretakers prefer CBD oil and CBD shampoo for dogs and find them effective.

CBD is still not legalized everywhere. Learn more about the laws in different states while traveling from one place to another. Before purchasing CBD products, you must consult a Vet and have proper dosage knowledge.

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