Can Taking a Gold Loan Help You Improving Credit Score?

Gold Loan

Gold isn’t just appreciated for its beauty but also for the fact that it can provide financial security to people in terms of a financial urgency. Gold loan such as SBI bank gold loan is one of the most popular options among Indians. They are easily available from NBFCs, as well as public and private banks, at reasonable interest rates. 

A gold loan allows you to borrow money against the gold you provide at a reasonable interest rate. The interest rate on the gold loan, for example, SBI bank gold loan interest rate, however, will be determined by your CIBIL credit score. If you do not make your repayments on time, your CIBIL credit score will suffer. When you make your gold loan payments on time and in full, your CIBIL score will rise.

If you are thinking about putting your gold to borrow money and avail SBI bank gold loan to meet some needs of yours, read this blog first. Understanding how a gold loan might affect your credit score is essential before taking this essential decision. 

How does a Gold loan affect my credit score?

One needs to understand this whenever one decides to take an SBI bank gold loan or any form of credit, the same gets reflected on your credit score. A credit score demonstrates how you repay the loans and how responsibly you have handled any credit payments in the past. Timely repayment of your SBI bank gold loan positively affects your credit score, and vice versa can adversely affect your credit score. 

For a better understanding of how a gold loan affects your CIBIL score, know these aspects mentioned below: 

Applying for a Gold Loan: Simply applying for a Gold Loan can affect your credit score. When you apply for a Gold Loan, the lenders conduct a thorough investigation into your credit history. Lenders conduct a hard enquiry when they request a report of your credit scores from credit bureaus in order to determine whether to approve or reject your loan application. These inquiries appear on your credit report. A few hard inquiries have no effect in and of themselves; the issue arises when there are too many hard inquiries regarding your credit in a short period of time. It indicates that you are in need of credit desperately, which makes you appear credit hungry. This is not a good sign and can negatively impact your credit score by reducing a few points. This is why it is suggested to keep your credit score high before applying for a loan. 

Repayment of a Gold Loan

The manner in which you repay your loan instalments has an impact on your credit. In general, timely repayment of loans improves your credit score. Lenders prefer borrowers who repay their loans on time and will approve SBI bank gold loan applications quite quicker from such people. If you fail to repay a loan, it will appear on your credit report. Even a day’s delay is reported to all credit bureaus and can have an impact on your credit. If you pay the instalment within 30 days of the due date, you will be charged late fees as well as other minor penalties. A consequent delay in paying the amount can make the gold articles you pledged for a loan be sold off. 

Benefits of Borrowing a Gold Loan to Improve your CIBIL credit score: When you take out a gold loan, the lender or NBFC uses the gold as collateral. Because the loan you are borrowing is secured, the interest rates, for example, SBI bank gold loan interest rate may be competitive. The primary reason behind reasonable interest rates is that, in the end, the lender will have the security (gold) to recover the money if you fail to repay the loan. With a gold loan, you can repay the debt over time by dividing the payments into equal monthly instalments, making it easier to repay each on time.

Timely making gold loan payment: You will be required to repay the loan in accordance with the agreed-upon terms and circumstances once a lender accepts your loan application. Your credit score will rise if you pay off the loan on time, while it will fall sharply if you don’t. Your credit score will be impacted by your gold loan payments: consistent payments

A good credit score may only be achieved by paying loans early or on time. Responsible credit behaviour if you pay your loan EMIs on time makes them more appealing as borrowers than those who are erratic with their loan payments. Lenders favour providing these debtors with gold loans. Several even go so far as to offer a little relaxation on the gold loan overall SBI bank gold loan interest rate


Experts advise borrowing a gold loan only if you have a regular source of income that is more than enough to pay back the gold loan balance along with SBI bank gold loan interest rate without significantly impacting your usual budget, expenses and CIBIL credit score. It is crucial to make sure you have the capacity to pay back your loan amount quickly and on time for your CIBIL score to not get affected. 

Overall, a Gold Loan can have a significant impact on your credit score. To begin, you must avoid overborrowing. Second, in order to improve your credit score, you must ensure that you repay loans on time. Finally, if you have a habit of forgetting deadlines, you should be cautious about due dates. Use reminders or auto-pay that can help you pay your loan dues on time.  However, do ensure that you pay back the gold loan on time when it is due and in full amount to avoid any negative influence on your CIBIL credit score. 


Borrowing a gold loan can impact your CIBIL credit score as it is a type of personal loan that you may need to meet your financial requirements. Although you provide gold as a form of financial security and borrow money against it, a gold loan affects your CIBIL credit ratings. In short, whenever you take out any form of credit product, it affects your CIBIL credit score. 

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