An Ugly Truth: Inside Facebook’s Battle for Domination, reviewed

But let’s also not allow ourself the comforting delusion that the problems in our information environment begin and end in Menlo Park. All year now, cyberattacks have been ravaging our country — many of them appearing to originate in Russia. That’s a different story from the one told in An Ugly Truth, but it is also part of a single story, which is that for more than five years now, various parts of our critical internet infrastructure have been under attack. Until very recently, thanks to the president they helped elect, Russia has suffered very few consequences for its actions. And among all the ugly truths on parade here, that might be the one that baffles me most of all.

The Ratio

Today in news that could affect public perception of the big tech companies.

⬇️ Trending downTwitter accidentally verified six bot accounts. “The accounts shared nearly all the same followers and had not made a single tweet.” (Mikael Thalen / Daily Dot)

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