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wall grazing

Home lighting has become more than a necessity and turned into a form of art. Homeowners love playing with lighting techniques and giving their decor an artful touch. Be it decorative lighting designs or architectural lighting designs, you can literally do wonders for your home with the magic they create. One of the most sought-after lighting trends to have completely taken over the domain is wall grazing.

You may definitely have heard about wall grazing and wall washing at some point in your life if you have looked for lighting fixtures for your home. Wall grazing is a stunning lighting technique that gives you just the right amount of creative flair you can add to your space. Now there may be a lot of things you want to understand about this technique and we have it all figured out for you. So, sit tight and read what we have for you.

What is wall grazing?

Wall grazing is a lighting technique that requires lighting designs to be positioned very close to a wall at a very sharp angle. The result is the light gorgeously highlighting the texture of your wall. And the moment the textures are highlighted, the lighting creates sleek shadows that will simply bring the best out of your decor. You can play around with the shadows by adjusting the placement of the lighting fixture. You can deepen or diminish the shadows by moving the light around.

What lighting fixtures can be used to create the effect?

There are multiple ways you can create a wall grazing effect in your space. However, the best one for the job is track lighting. Track lighting is very capable of adding a visually rich focal point to your space with its intense illumination. You can also use architectural lighting fixtures like downlights and uplights to create a similar effect. Wall lights are good alternatives too, provided they’re placed in the right manner.

Which parts of your home can sport a wall grazing effect?

Wall grazing is a trending outdoor lighting concept as the textures on your outdoor spaces are naturally better to highlight compared to your indoor walls. So, wall grazing is an excellent idea for your home exterior. If your home flaunts a good industrial design, you can very gorgeously highlight those robust brickwalls and add a rustic touch to your beautiful abode. And if any part of your home flaunts a stone finish, like a stone pillar, then go ahead and highlight that part too.

Is wall grazing better than wall washing?

People often confuse wall grazing and wall washing, despite both of them being very distinct lighting effects. Both are used to create a stunning focal point in your space and both have their own characteristics. Wall grazing works best on textured surfaces while you need a relatively smoother surface for a wall washing effect. And it totally depends on your taste to pick the right one for your space.

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