All You Need About Hosting For PHP- 10 Best PHP Hosting Providers 2023



There are many options available for choosing your hosting environment. For the proper functioning of your website, it is crucial to choose the hosting environment with certain technical capabilities for your website’s growth and the right scripting environment.


The most popular environment is PHP web hosting. It is an effective style of web hosting that comes with the ability to read and execute the PHP programming language. 


In this article, we will discuss that is PHP and Web hosting. We will also mention detailed information regarding the 10 best PHP hosting providers in 2023.


What is PHP?


The PHP group created the scripting language known as PHP. PHP being an open-source interpreter, the PHP language provides real-time interpretation. It’s not a feature of the machine on which it runs.


PHP is usually located within functional HTML code and works to provide dynamic content. The PHP language’s primary purpose is to provide a strong and cost-free tool for developing dynamic web pages.

Currently, it is among the most widely used scripting languages worldwide. PHP files can be recognised by the “.php” suffix after the filename.

About PHP and Web Hosting

PHP is a server-side programming language that processes the source code.  Compared to strict HTML pages, front-end users won’t have access to the code. 

However, HTML and CSS snippets are still found on PHP websites. Most static websites cannot perform certain things, but PHP can. Make sure the web server supports a PHP environment before choosing it. Any PHP programs you have will be presented as HTML if it isn’t fully supported.


Key Features of PHP

Both Linux and Windows platforms are compatible with PHP web hosts. One of the most common combinations is PHP and Linux. The other features of PHP are as follows:

  • Display the website’s optimal configuration for the selected screen size.
  • Exchange cookies with others.
  • Make dynamic websites such as blogs and forums.
  • Make user-input-required interactive web pages.
  • Use a database to create a website with dynamic content.


Advantages of PHP Hosting

  1. Since PHP is a universal scripting language, websites made with it will work on almost all modern devices, including iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. 
  2. The hosting expenses in a PHP hosting environment are usually lower than those in other commercial language hosting environments because PHP is a free, open-source scripting language.
  3. The majority of developers favour using PHP. Without needing additional plugins or software, it works seamlessly with HTML, CSS, and CMS like WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.
  4. PHP uses a minimal amount of server resources. As a result, your site will operate much more quickly and won’t negatively impact loading times or general site performance. 
  5. PHP’s integration with databases like MySQL gives it its true strength. There are alternative methods for database integration, too, as PHP is so flexible. Most CMS, blogs, online shops, and forums have this requirement.

A few platforms are available in the market that allows you to build your eCommerce website, such as Fynd Platform. You dont have to take any PHP hosting or hire Coder to develop your website. 

Instead, you can build your eCommerce website with the help of the Fynd Platform. It offers unlimited products, inbuilt payment gateway options, and in-house delivery partners. 

10 Best PHP Hosting Providers 2023


  1. Bluehost- Best provider for overall PHP Hosting.


PHP versions 7.0 through 7.3 are supported by Bluehost. With PHP handlers, you can customise your version, and php.ini lets you set the environment. In addition, Bluehost provides a wide range of non-PHP-specific services.


Key Features:- 


  • Starting price – $2.95/month
  • Money back guarantee in 30 days
  • Uptime is 99.98%
  • Allows you free backups


Plans and Pricing


Bluehost offers you four different plans to choose from. In the Basic Plan, you will get unmetered bandwidth and SSD storage of 50GB. In the Pro plan, you will get unmetered bandwidth, a dedicated IP address, and unlimited SSD storage. 


Bluehost Support


There are numerous informative articles on PHP hosting available in Bluehost’s knowledge base. You can reach the team round-the-clock via phone and live chat for general help and support.


Bluehost Security


Bluehost offers a variety of security features with its services, including free SSL, Secure Shell access, and Spam Assassin protection. For extra features, you have to pay extra bucks. 


  1. HostGator- Best For Uptime


On its shared hosting plans, HostGator offers PHP hosting, and its servers are already set up with the default PHP configurations HostGator managers have found to be the best. You can always make your own PHP.ini file and override these default values.


Key Features:-


  • Starting Price of PHP is $2.75/month
  • Money back guarantee in 45 days
  • Uptime is 99.99%
  • Allows you weekly free backups 


Plans and Pricing


Two most common plans available for HostGator users are The Hatchling Plan and The Business Plan. In the Hatchling package, you will get a single domain, unmetered bandwidth and a free domain. In the business plan, the users will get unlimited domains, unmetered bandwidth, a free dedicated IP address, free SEO tools, and a free domain.


HostGator Support


Like Bluehost, HostGator has a huge searchable knowledge base with many details about PHP hosting. HostGator also provides phone support and live chat support around the clock.


HostGator Security


Each plan comes with a free SSL certificate, and even better, the data centers of HostGator have flood protection installed to guard against DDoS attacks.


  1. InMotion- Best For Secure PHP Hosting


The suPHP tool, which runs PHP scripts with their owners’ permissions, strengthens InMotion’s PHP strategies. 


In other words, the suPHP features increase the security of your site hosting. InMotion offers a plethora of other non-PHP-specific features.


Key Features:- 


  • The starting price of PHP is $2.49/month
  • Money-back guarantee in 90 days
  • The Uptime is 99.97%
  • Allows free backups.


Plans and Pricing


Each plan comes with free site transfers, scheduled data backups, solid-state (SSD) drives, and PHP hosting support.


InMotion Support


InMotion provides round-the-clock phone and lives chat support and a searchable Knowledge Base of more than 5,000 articles in its Support Center.


InMotion Security


InMotion offers free SSL, Secure Shell access, and DDoS attack protection in terms of security. To stop bandwidth from being stolen, this supplier also offers HotLink protection.


  1. A2 Hosting- Best For PHP Hosting Support


You can select from the numerous PHP versions available at A2 Hosting, the most recent of which is PHP 7.4. A2 Hosting additionally offers versions 7.0 through 7.3.


Key Features:-


  • The starting price of PHP is $3.92/month
  • Anytime Money-back guarantee
  • The uptime is 99.95%
  • Allows you free backups


Plans and Pricing


All three of A2 Hosting’s shared plans—Lite, Swift, and Turbo—offer PHP web hosting. The Turbo plan works quickly and is ideal for sites with plenty of files and information, while the Lite plan is appropriate for those just starting. The well-liked cPanel management interface, unlimited SSD storage, and transfer are features of all of A2’s shared hosting packages.


A2 Hosting Support


The Guru Crew, the customer service team of A2 Hosting, is reachable through phone and live chat around-the-clock. Help requests may also be submitted using email tickets. There are many articles on PHP-related issues in A2 Hosting’s searchable knowledge base, which is just as robust as its competitors.


A2 Hosting Security


To keep its websites secure, A2 Hosting has also implemented an internal Perpetual Security initiative consisting of HackScan protection, Dual hosting firewall

server hardening, and Reinforced DDoS attack protection. 


  1. SiteGround- Best For PHP Features


PHP hosting from SiteGround starts at $6.99 per month, and for that amount, you can use versions 7.0 through 7.4. 


Since SiteGround offers a 100% renewable energy match on its PHP-shared plans, you may feel good about using this service if attempting to go green. SiteGround takes pride in its highly secure PHP executions and automatic PHP updates.


Key Features:-


  • The Starting price of PHP is $6.99/month
  • Money-back guarantee in 30 days
  • The uptime is 99.98%
  • Allows you free backups


Plans and Pricing


The GrowBig plan is the most expensive at $9.99/month, the GoGeek plan at $14.99/month, and the StartUp plan at $6.99/month. 


Unmetered data transfer and unlimited sub- and parked domains are features offered by SiteGround in all of its shared plans. The SSD storage allotment for each plan is as follows: StartUp: 10GB, Grow Big: 20GB, and GoGeek: 30 GB.


SiteGround Support


SiteGround provides specialised training for various activities and tools in addition to 24-hour phone and live chat support, as well as its knowledge base, to assist you in taking your website to the next level.


SiteGround Security


Free SSL and round-the-clock server monitoring are among SiteGround’s security measures. Additionally, SiteGround operates an intrusion prevention system that can quickly block access to an attacker’s IP address after identifying any users attempting to brute force your passwords.


  1. Hostinger- Best For Affordability


The PHP plans from Hostinger provide server-side cache to speed up pages, Git integration for deploying apps, and version control so you can switch between PHP versions 5.2 and 7.4.


Key Features:- 


  • The Starting Price for PHP is $0.99/month
  • Money-back guarantee in 30 days
  • The Uptime is 99.90%
  • Allows you weekly free backups.


Plans and Pricing


The Single PHP plan, which has 100GB of bandwidth and 1X processing and memory, is the least expensive one. On the other hand, the Business PHP package offers 4X processing and memory, unlimited bandwidth, and daily backups.


Hostinger Support


Currently, Hostinger doesn’t provide phone support; instead, Hostinger’s email assistance, tickets, and round-the-clock live chat are sufficient. For your convenience, Hostinger also offers a knowledge base and a collection of tutorials on a wide range of topics.


Hostinger Security


Unlike the Single and Premium shared plans, which require an SSL certificate purchase, Hostinger’s Business PHP plan comes with a free SSL certificate. To provide a high level of security, Hostinger’s servers additionally use cutting-edge security modules like PHP open basedir protection and Suhosin PHP hardening.


  1. iPage- Best For PHP Updates


You can quickly switch between PHP versions with iPage, which is useful when navigating the world of ongoing new releases. 


For convenience, iPage also executes PHP updates automatically. For even more control over how PHP code executes on your iPage account, you may also change the php.ini file.


Key Features:-


  • The starting price of PHP is $1.99/month
  • Money-back guarantee in 30 days
  • The uptime is 99.98%
  • Allows free backups


Plans and Pricing


The “one-size-fits-all” shared hosting package offered by iPage for $1.99/month makes it special. All the basics of a shared hosting plan are covered unlimited disk space, expandable bandwidth, and a free domain for the first year.


iPage Support


The iPage team is there to assist you round-the-clock via phone and live chat support, as well as a ticketing system is also available.


There are just 39 answers to questions about PHP hosting in the iPage knowledge base, but you can be sure the staff is available to help you if yours isn’t one of them.


iPage Security


iPage subscriptions provide free upgraded security software worth $100 and 24/7 network monitoring.


  1. DreamHost- Best For Storage Space


The PHP versions 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4 are supported by DreamHost. PHP 7.3 is the default choice when adding a new domain to your DreamHost control panel. PHP hosting is available on DreamHost’s shared plans.


Key Features:-


  • The Starting Price of PHP is $2.59/month
  • Money-back guarantee in 97 days
  • The Uptime is 99.95%
  • Allows you free backups


Plans and Pricing


Two shared plans are available from DreamHost: Shared Starter ($2.59) and Shared Unlimited ($3.95). Both packages have SSD storage, unlimited traffic, and a free domain.


Unlimited email addresses with the @yourdomain domain name are also included in the significantly more expensive Shared Unlimited plan.


DreamHost Support


DreamHost provides callbacks in response to digital support requests that you might make, but you can’t call DreamHost directly on the phone.


Furthermore, DreamHost provides searchable knowledge bases, email tickets, and live chat from 5:30 am to 9:30 pm PST.


DreamHost Security


DreamHost security features include Free SSL, Malware remover, Domain Privacy, and Web application firewalls. In summary, every DreamHost plan aims to protect your website from threats.


  1. WP Engine- Best For Scalability


WP Engine is unique because it provides the scale that more business sites require while catering particularly to WordPress users.


WP Engine is a terrific tool for promoting growth for most business and commercial websites. However, no true WP Engine plan is ideal for personal or small business websites.


Key Features:-


  • The Starting price for PHP is $25.00/month
  • Money-back guarantee in 30 days
  • The uptime is 99.98%
  • Allows you free backups


Plans and Pricing


Three WordPress hosting packages are available from WP Engine: StartUp ($25.00/month), Growth ($95.83/month), and Scale ($241.67/month). For a large website, go for the Growth and Scale plan. The StartUp Plan of up to 25,000 visits each month includes 10GB of local storage and 50GB of monthly bandwidth.


WP Engine Support:


The Solution Center at WP Engine provides an informational guide on improving your website. WP Engine provides live chat, email, and phone help around-the-clock, but access to these services requires logging into your account.


WP Engine takes WP Engine Security In-depth security steps to protect your website, including a proprietary firewall that automatically distinguishes between legitimate and fraudulent traffic and disk write protection that prevents harmful code from embedding itself in a website.


10 HostPapa- Best For Online Guidance


HostPapa provides servers with PHP optimisation and extensive database support. Even better, its online knowledge library contains a wealth of beneficial guides on PHP hosting.


Key Features:-


  • The Starting price of PHP is $3.95/month
  • Money-back guarantee in 30 days
  • The uptime is 99.98%
  • Allows you free backups


Plans and Pricing


The shared PHP hosting packages from HostPapa start at $3.95 per month and come with unlimited bandwidth and free domain registration. The Starter plan offers 100GB of SSD storage, while the Business and Business Pro plans provide unlimited SSD storage.


HostPapa Support


Numerous articles on PHP-related topics and nearly any other topic are available in the searchable knowledge base of HostPapa.

Additionally, there is a community forum in the knowledge base where users can assist one another in resolving issues.


Furthermore, HostPapa provides phone and live chat assistance around-the-clock so you may speak with a representative to ask any questions.


HostPapa Security: 


HostPapa’s plans include free SSL, DDoS attack protection, and the ModSecurity web application firewall as standard security features.


Comparison of Different PHP Hosting Providers 


Provider Starting Price Uptime Expert Rating
Bluehost $2.95/month 99.98% 4.8
HostGator $2.75/month 99.99% 4.7
InMotion $2.49/month 99.97% 4.6
A2 Hosting $3.92/month 99.95% 4.3
SiteGround $6.99/month 99.98% 4.0
Hostinger $0.99/month 99.90% 3.7
iPage $1.99/month 99.98% 3.7
DreamHost $2.59/month 99.95% 3.5
WP Engine $25.00/month 99.98% 3.5
HostPapa $3.95/month 99.98% 3.2



Every PHP hosting service provider has its pros and cons. HostGator is the best choice for you if you want great uptime. 

If you are looking for an affordable option, then go with Hostinger. To make your decision, go through all the plans, pricing, and features we have mentioned for your guidance. 

Also, you can go with website-building software that allows you to create your website without diving your time into coding and hosting. Fynd Platform is one of the best website-building tools.

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