Advantages, fees and curriculum analysis of Australian language schools

Australian language schools

In addition to being the preferred choice for working and traveling, Australia becomes a more and more popular destination for studying language in recent years. What are the advantages of Australian language schools that make people choose Australia as the study destination? This article will sort out the advantages, fees and course analysis of Australian language schools.

3 advantages of Australian language schools

In the past, people who wanted to go abroad to study languages often thought of the United States and the United Kingdom. However, in recent years, many people have chosen to study in the language schools in Australia. The key reasons are:

– Good environment and convenient transportation

The crime rate in Australia is low, and its living environment is relatively safe compared to the United Kingdom and the United States. In addition, the vast majority of private language schools in Australia are located in urban areas. This enables students to easily travel between schools, stores, etc. by tram or on foot, without worrying about traffic problems.

– Easy to apply for visa

Whether you hold a tourist visa ETA, a working holiday visa or a student visa, you can study language in Australia, and you can legally work during your student visa and working holiday visa (student visa is limited to 40 hours per fortnight). After graduation, you can apply for a 2-6-year graduate work visa without employers!

– The cost of each item is relatively low

Finally, air tickets to Australia are cheaper than European and American air tickets, and tuition fees are mostly cheaper than those in European and American countries. The average overall cost can be said to be lower. In addition, as mentioned above, in addition to experiencing Australian life and culture, you can also work legally to reduce the burden of expenses, so it has become a new choice for many people to study English abroad.

The fees of Australian language school

As mentioned above, tuition fees and living expenses in Australia are generally lower than those in the UK and the US. What is the actual cost? Let’s use the 2021 course fees as an example.

  • Registration fee: A single charge of about $200~$250.
  • Tuition: AUD $250~$320 per week.
  • Tuition and fees: AUD $15~$18 per week.

The cost of living will vary depending on personal living habits.

6 major types of courses in Australian language schools

The Australian language schools are mainly divided into two categories: private language schools and universities, specialized language schools. Most language schools affiliated to universities/colleges offer relatively simple and general courses, such as: general English, IELTS preparation English, academic English, etc., but the advantage is that they can enjoy the campus environment and equipment, and feel the atmosphere of studying in a foreign school; most private language schools are located in the building, with more choices of courses and more activities, suitable for students who want to challenge and experience different things.

– General English

The main purpose of the General English course in Australia is to strengthen students’ overall English ability, which are suitable for students of all levels.

– Language Bridging Course/English Direct Entry

Language Bridging course mainly improves students’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. This kind of language course is designed to help students reach the English threshold for admission to universities or technical vocational colleges. It is suitable for students who have selected technical vocational, university or master’s courses in the future.

– Academic English

Academic English courses are mainly arranged for report writing skills, group discussion, language ability used on academic-related topics, note-taking skills and oral report training. It is suitable for students who have a certain level of English and who are going to study vocational, university or master courses.

– Professional English Test Preparation Course

This kind of courses is designed to provide students with test preparation training for IELTS, PTE, TOEIC, Cambridge and other professional exams, which are suitable for students who have set specific exam goals.

– Business English

It is suitable for students who want to develop business in the future, or people who have entered the workplace to do advanced studies.

– Coffee English

In addition, there are also courses for research in the coffee field, suitable for students who are interested in coffee and want to work in related industries in the future.

To find more language courses in Australia, you can use a professional tool called Course Finder. It will help you find the desired courses with one simple click.

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