9 Gorgeous Bengali Bridal Jewellery Styles

I’m sure you all have always had that one Bengali friend who is either an amazing artist, has such a good taste in music, topper in your class or maybe looks too gorgeous.

I mean, why so talented bro?

These are the people are the reason why our mothers say, “Kuchsikhoinse!”

Ouch! I know it hurts.

But, as wonderful as their genes are, Bengali weddings are nothing less than fun.

I personally love that moment when the bride comes into the wedding area, hiding her face behind betel leaves, sitting on a lowwooden stool called Pidi which is held by the bride’s brothers or uncles.

Then, they walk around the groom seven times. After that, the bride removes the leaves from her face and look at the groom.

Oh, the bride looks like the most beautiful woman in the world in her red Banarasi saree, adorned with beautiful Bengali jewellery.

Speaking of Bengali jewellery, it reminds me of how unique and beautiful they look!

You don’t believe me?

Well, we are here with a list of traditional jewellery of Bengal that a Bengali bride wears on her wedding day.

I’m sure you are going to fall in love with these beautiful pieces of jewellery.

  1. Mukut

One of the most splendid pieces of Bengali jewellery is this beautiful golden crown worn by the bride. It is a popular tradition in West Bengal.


It surely makes her look very royal.


Also, it makes it easier for the veil to be firmly tied.


I think it is a very unique piece of jewellery and I bet the bride would totally feel like a queen on her wedding. Don’t you think so?


I’m sure you had a dream of being a princess in your childhood while reading those fairy tales. So why not live a day feeling like one?


You can add a little bit of royal touch to your own bridal look by wearing this elegant Mukut.



  1. Nath

Not just Bengal, but a Nath is a part of almost every Indian wedding. It a big hoop sort of jewellery worn like a nose ring. It has a chain attached to it which goes up to the ear.


A Nath is not just a piece of jewellery, it has a traditional value to it. And they look so pretty on the bride.


It has some sort of charm to it that makes the wearer look alluring.


If you don’t have your nose pierced but want to wear Nath on your wedding, it’s not a problem.


You can find clip-on Nath very easily in the market or online.



  1. Jhumko (or Jhumka)

A Jhumko is a big dangling pair of earrings. They are very bold and heavy. And I’m going to be honest, I just love these. This is my favourite Bengali jewellery.Almost all the jewellers in Kolkata have exquisite variety of this jewellery style.


Look how pretty they are! Isn’t it?They are also called Chandelier earrings just because they look very similar to a chandelier.


Not just a wedding but you can wear these on ceremonies and traditional events as well. They will surely give you an elegant look.


  1. Chur


This Bengali jewellery is a thick bracelet worn on mostly just one hand. They have a very intricate design that looks just enchanting.


Chur look stunning on the wrist of the bride as it’s so unique.


It will add some grace to your overall bridal look if you wish to wear them at your own wedding.


  1. Ratanchur

Ratanchur is also a very unique traditional Bengali jewellery.


It’s a kind of ring that attached to a bracelet on the wrist with the chains.


They look very pretty on the bride’s hands. They are usually available in the design of lotus, sun or moon. And they look superpretty!


  1. Nupur

Nupur is a sort of Payal or anklet worn by the bride on her wedding. Although it’s not necessary it definitely makes the feet look graceful.


These are mostly made of silver or Kundan so they can be worn on other occasions as well.


  1. PaatiHaar

A PaatiHaar is Bengali jewellery with intricate design and a flat and broad shape. This makes it pretty comfortable.


The design is usually very complicated and detailed.


These are usually worn on special occasions, Durga Puja or at a wedding. Oh, they look so charming!


  1. Chik

Chik is a traditional jewellery of Bengal that looks very much like a choker.


They are nicely fitted around the neck of the bride and make them look like a goddess. Chik looks very appealing and makes the bride look drop-dead gorgeous.


This is definitely something that you might want to wear at your wedding.



  1. Tikli and Maatha Patti

Tikli is basically a golden Maang Tika which look ravishing. A Maatha Patti can be worn along with the Tikli to give the bride a heavy look.


It can have double or triple layer or it can even be single-layered. It makes the bride look very graceful and gorgeous.

All these pieces of jewellery have a very significant value in Bengali culture. Every piece is unique in its own way and a bride adorned with all these stunning pieces make the bride look heavenly.

I’m sure you want something like that on your own wedding. Every girl wants to look like as if she came straight out of a fairytale on her wedding day. With the Bengali jewellery on your wedding day, you will definitely look like one.

I hope you love these pieces of Bengali jewellery as much as I did.

Let us know which traditional jewellery of Bengal you like the most in the comments below!

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