4 Ways to Attract Families to Kid-Friendly Restaurants

Newk's kids meals

The restaurant owner may benefit from having a kid-friendly business. A highly profitable demographic is families with small children.

These concepts might not be appropriate for your company if it caters primarily to high-end dining or emphasizes the appeal of its bar offerings.

But if you want to draw in more families as consumers, you could find some of these suggestions helpful. So how might a restaurant environment be designed to appeal to these families? Let’s look at some suggestions for making a big move.

1.      Booster Seats And High Chairs

Children are not just little adults. They frequently need specialized seating, like a high chair or a booster seat. To accommodate several young customers at once, you will need to have a variety of selections.

2.       The Kids Menu

Parents’ purchasing decisions can be significantly influenced by their kids. When choosing a restaurant, the same applies.

Since they long ago realized this, Newk’s kids meals have been shaped to attract kids. At the most basic level, you need to have foods children like to eat, even though numerous other elements can also influence this.

A child’s palate is less sophisticated than an adult’s. Therefore, maintain a very neutral spice profile. It’s also acceptable if the theme of your adult menu doesn’t match the kids menu.

 However, serving child-sized servings of some of your restaurant’s favorite meals is also acceptable. In any scenario, you should offer extraordinarily straightforward and dependable options on your kids’ menu.

Among the most well-liked products are:

  • Macaroni with cheese
  • Pizza
  • Tenders or nuggets
  • Hamburgers
  • Hotdogs
  • Fish sauce
  • Spaghetti

You have some options for showing your menu. Your usual menu can include a children’s menu. You could also design a completely distinct children’s menu. A separate menu might be printed on the placemat or as a different folded menu.

No matter what you decide, give putting images of the food on the kids’ menu some serious thought. Consider using sketches or other pictures of the dish if you cannot add photos. Children can make more confident decisions for themselves when using an image. A kid-friendly menu should be able to accommodate the most prevalent food sensitivities.

Allergies to nuts, dairy, and gluten are the most common. Make sure your kitchen staff understands how to prepare food to prevent unintentional cross-contamination of common allergens.

Last but not least, enjoy your kids’ menu. Kids enjoy playing, and you may get them interested in your food.

3.      Entertainment Options

Entertainment Options

Be imaginative and humorous when naming the items on your menu. Restaurants are boring for kids. Additionally, children annoy their parents when they are bored. As a result, trips might be cut short, or the parents might have less fun. The chance that the family will return home may decline due to all of this.

A vicious spiral exists here. But you can assist by offering some kid-friendly entertainment. Crayons and activity placemats are among the most popular choices. It is an enduring classic. Both single-serving packets and bulk crayons are available.

Use butcher paper to cover the table to create a more spacious sketching area. In this manner, a kid can color all over without any hassle.

The Tabletop Games

Consider installing a tabletop game system if you want to go high-tech. These devices often use a tablet or other dedicated touchscreen to provide video games and activities.

Many of them are provided as subscription services by their manufacturers, and if you decide to charge for system usage, you can use them to bring in extra money.

But remember that some parents might wish to provide their kids with something other than this kind of entertainment.

Therefore, if you choose this course of action, be sure the system can be taken off the table as needed. Building a complete play area or game room is an even more lavish entertainment choice. These can be incredibly well-liked but also carry some heavy duties.

Playgrounds are excellent for younger children. However, if you choose this path, you and your team should be completely informed of what you and they are entering. The problem of liability comes first. Accidents do occur.

To be sure you have the proper coverage in case anything were to ever happen on the premises, you will need to speak with an insurance specialist and an attorney. Get ready.

4.      Promotional Offers for Families

Particularly for families on a tight budget, these offers can be beneficial. But before simply giving away free stuff, you need to plan your offers. Think about the age range you want to focus on first.

Teenagers are unlikely to desire food from a kids’ menu. A complimentary deal can be a massive loser for your business due to teenagers’ voracious appetites.

Children aged 12 and under are the main target of many promotions. You can still be inventive with your offerings to parents even if you don’t go so far as to provide ultimately “free” dinners. You must choose what suits you best.

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